Against The Moon: Prologue is launching on Steam for free

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Against The Moon: Prologue will be released on July 23. It’s a free demo version of Roguelike deckbuilder, where the player will lead the resistance of the last stronghold of humanity against monstrous creatures of the Moon. The first demo was presented at the Steam Game Festival in June 2020. The full version of the game will be released on August 27.

Against The Moon is the Roguelike deckbuilder. Player controls a squad of Ultori, the last defenders of humanity and have a vast deck at their disposal, where each card can be upgraded in two different ways. Thanks to Roguelike elements, even a lost battle can benefit and help the squad to go toe-to-toe with strongest opponents later.

Key Features:

  • Vast deck. Has over 100 cards, suitable for different playstyles. By redistributing resources and sacrificing key units, the player will be able to solve tactical puzzles in an extraordinary way.
  • Card upgrades. Players can evolve each card in two distinct directions.
  • Arx — an intelligent city and the last stronghold of humanity has its own attacks and directs the team of heroes.
  • Ultori — a squad of superhumans led by players. Each of them has unique combat and defensive abilities.
  • Combat units — combat cards in the player’s squad. They are able to launch an attack, repel an enemy attack, redistribute energy and resources.
  • Post-apocalyptic atmosphere. You will have to live in a world that has survived a disaster and challenge the grim creatures of the Moon.
  • Variety of enemies — monsters, each with unique attributes and abilities. From simple combat units to teleporting enemies and traitors.
  • Unique visual style that combines post-apocalypse, science fiction and magical realism.

The first demo of Against The Moon was released as part of the Steam Game Festival. In the new version, the developers updated the content and fixed bugs.

We have carefully studied players’ experience and made changes to the game, paying maximum attention to balance and stability. The new version of the game will be available for free and with no time constraints for all players

Vadim Rybkin, CMO of the project.


Events of Against The Moon are unfolding in a world that has survived the apocalypse. The whimsical beasts invented by the Ancients — Furos turned against their creators. Their minds are clouded by the Moon, a chthonic monster of incredible proportions. Survivors took refuge in Arx, an intelligent city with the soul of a caring mother and warrior. Lack of resources and extinction have pushed people onto the path of resistance. Now the fate of humanity depends on the actions of a squad of superhumans Ultori, led by the player.


The player has over 100 unique cards available to them for combat and upgrade. A properly built deck can smash an opponent in several moves, but any mistake can lead to an instant defeat. Cards can protect the team, inflict damage to the enemy, redistribute resources and action points or have unique effects: reflection, teleportation, energy recovery and more. The gameplay adapts to the strategy of the player and after an hour, players already build an individual deck, unique to their playstyle.


Defeat in battle does not mean the end of the confrontation. With each playthrough, player accumulates experience and resources necessary to develop their deck. A huge variety of cards and abilities achieve a high level of replayability and a variety of battle strategies.


Prologue offers 4 main characters to play around with. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. They all have unique abilities and starting combat units. The player can evolve each according to their own combat strategy.


Mankind is fighting the Moon and its Furos minions, chthonic monsters that have invaded the planet. They think differently than humans and have great powers. Only Ultori can stand up to them. Each enemy has its own combat attributes and unique skills: from teleportation to energy attacks.


Against The Moon: Prologue will be released on July 23, 2020 on Steam and Gog for Windows and Mac OS X. 

Full version of the game will be released on August 27.

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