A brand new way to play: Are you ready to Skrmiish?

by Chris Camilleri
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Challenge your friends. Play with your fans. Welcome to a new culture of community gameplay.

 Gaming tech start-up, Skrmiish is set to disrupt the online tournament market, creating exciting new opportunities for gamers and streamers to build communities; enhancing how they play their favourite games, participate in tournaments, and generate new revenue streams. 

Skrmiish is the world’s first app-driven platform that allows streamers, online gamers, teams and brands to create and monetize their own competitive experience anytime, anywhere. 

Demonstrating the credibility of this new platform, battle royale titles Fortnite and PUBG are both live on Skrmiish for the beta launch, available to download now. 

Skrmiish, founded by Chris Heaton (CEO) and Roland Reed (CPO), was born out of a passion for competitive gaming, but also a desire to further explore community and creativity, humanity and limitless possibilities. Its mission: to elevate the gaming experience, making playing your favourite games even better. 

“With the rise in the popularity of streamers and the resulting cross-over into the mainstream, we identified a real need for better management and matchmaking systems in order to increase engagement with streamers and the communities they represent” commented Roland Reed, CPO at Skrmiish. “Everyone who works in the video games industry understands what a unique medium it is, with endless variety. There is a game, community and streamer for everyone out there.” 


For gamers

Skrmiish allows fans to participate in a true professional vs amateur (ProAM) gaming experience. For years, gamers have enjoyed watching their streaming heroes play the games they love. With Skrmiish, they can now play with them, engage with their leaderboards and unlock all the rewards that come with that. Gamers have the ability to compete on their terms and choose their own stakes with the app’s built in Leaderboard Point (LP) matchmaker system. Gamers can choose to play against their friends, other users, or their favourite streamers in 1v1 Kill Race challenges. Results are automated through the app, minimizing any unnecessary qualms between players. 

Skrmiish works to bring all gamers into one ecosystem that’s been built for them by people just like them.

“Creating Skrmiish required building innovative technology from scratch. This has been an incredible two-year journey with an exceptional and dedicated team of people”. Said Chris Heaton, CEO. “We are excited to unleash Skrmiish to the world, elevating the core gameplay experience that players love, alongside the streamers they so passionately follow. Our aim with this platform is that inviting people to “Skrmiish” becomes a common part of the gaming community’s vocabulary.” 

For streamers

For streamers big or small, Skrmiish offers a way to switch on new revenue streams by driving quality viewer engagement and monetising their communities in a unique professional vs amateur (ProAM) style game experience. Through increasing engagement, Skrmiish affords streamers the ability to continue to build their communities while improving the competitive edge of their content in a way that is safe, fair and fun. 

Chris van Ysendyk, AKA DaDexo (https://www.twitch.tv/dadexo), is a well-known local PUBG streamer and the first official community manager at Skrmiish. He says that Skrmiish has helped him to reduce a lot of the pain points many streamers meet when it comes to engaging and playing with their communities.

“Dealing with a community requires a lot of administration and is resource intensive. Skrmiish alleviates all these needs of someone running a community by acting as an automated bridge between you and your community. A plug and play connection,” he says. “People want a place to play and a community to be a part of, and Skrmiish can automate the process of that by making it a repetitive competitive experience of onboarding people to your community. For me, the entire gaming process begins and ends with Skrmiish.”

Experience a new way to play and visit www.skrmiish.com to download the desktop client. Once your registration is complete, download the BETA version of the app free on iOS devices via the App Store and for Android devices via the Google Play Store and sync your account. It’s now time for your first Skrmiish.

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