7 Mobile Games That Play Like PC Games

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Mobile games are great entertainment whether you’re stuck at home or you hate
being bored while traveling. Although some gamers feel that mobile gaming cannot live up to PC play, this is a fast-moving industry, and games for mobile are getting better by the day.

Here’s our 7 top gaming apps for mobile!

Mobile video Games

Gaming is a fun pastime and can be a great form of escapism when we want to kick back and forget about the world. Despite many hardcore gamers still loving their PC set up, mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. All kinds of mobile gaming applications are available with different themed games, for example, about superheroes such as Batman vs Superman and others. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people love mobile games.

Why Are Mobile Games So Popular?

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of mobile games is the fact that they are completely portable. They can provide great entertainment for kids on long road trips and for adults any time of the day. Another thing that makes mobile games good is the fact that modern smartphones are just as advanced in terms of graphics and download times as regular computers.

This means you can have all the fun for a fraction of the price and with a less hardware heavy set up. Obviously, not every game that is available on PC or console can be replicated on a smartphone, but there are certainly some great alternatives out there!


Minecraft is a true gaming classic, and the mobile version lives up to the hype. A sandbox game that lets you mine for resources and construct your own world, Minecraft is one of the mobile games best for chilling out. Wondering if mobile games can be played on PC too? Minecraft’s mobile app also allows you to connect with other players on PC or PS4, so you can join your friends using your smartphone.

Mario Kart Tour

Some people criticize the mobile gaming industry for including microtransactions in
certain games. However, Mario Kart Tour is an example where this works really well.
This mobile game also allows you to tear up the tracks and race your friends on other

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Analogous with the popular PS4 game, Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Pocket Edition allows
you to enjoy all the action on your smartphone. With unique graphics and a fun character-based story, Don’t Starve is great for both kids and adults. Just try not to get caught in the dark!


Looking for a classic shoot-em-up game? Fortnite might be for you. This mobile game
can be connected to players on other devices so you can play along anywhere. The only
possible drawback for mobile play is that you might miss the control that a console or
keypad gives you in this high-speed, action-packed game.


Strategy pros and fantasy lovers alike will enjoy Hearthstone’s mobile game’s app. One
of the hottest online card games in mobile games news, Hearthstone takes its cue from the classic PC version. Build the perfect deck or have fun competing with your friends from anywhere with this mobile game.

Pokémon Go

Want to get the kids out and about? Pokémon Go is perfect if you want to get your family walking. The mobile app allows you to search for cute critters and battle breeds in your nearby area. Great for exercise and fun!

Monument Valley 2

One of the things that make mobile games good is that many of the apps are free. For
example, Monument Valley 2 is a free mobile game that takes you on a magical journey
through a striking visual landscape. Gorgeous, dreamy animation and simple, character-based storytelling make this game a great option if you want to relax and forget your troubles. Definitely one to try next time you schedule some me-time.

The world of mobile games is just as rich and varied as traditional computer gaming. What’s more, with constant developments in graphics and smartphone controls, this is an industry that is just getting started. So, next time you’re on the go and want to be entertained, give your smartphone games a try! We hope our list has given you some ideas.

Do you love playing mobile games? Which are your favourites? Tell us about your favourite mobile games in the comments!

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