7 Bones & 7 Stones – The Ritual Early Access this Halloween

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7 Bones & 7 Stones – The Ritual is a multiplayer (4vs1) action adventure game where one player takes on the role of a terrible Monster and the other four players play as Villagers trying to perform a ritual while hiding and running from the Monster.


PLAY AS THE POWERFUL MONSTER – Bring terror in Vayandor by playing as unique monsters with incredible powers and diverse gameplay. Monsters have thematic abilities and play similarly to MOBA heroes / champions.

SURVIVE AS THE BRAVE VILLAGER – Completing the ritual is a joint effort and villagers need to work together to even stand a chance against the dark forces that are against them. Manage your villagers to boost their skills or give them enhanced items to surprise the monster with an extraordinary spell, but never forget to help fellow villagers that are in danger.

DIVE IN THE CONSTANT ACTION – Get ready for action packed matches while facing the relentless forces of evil, or playing as them. Feel the danger of hiding from the monster or feel the thrill of chasing a helpless villager. All it takes is a single touch from the monster and villagers turn into acolytes, servants of the dark side and useless team members.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER – Place a funny banner on the map, or do a silly dance to taunt the monster. From traditional cosmetic items like skins and hats to more wacky items like blowing fireworks and throwing objects, 7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual offers a cool set of collectibles you can use to express yourself in the game.

IMPROVE YOUR CHARACTER – Invest in your favorite character and help him perform better by boosting his attributes and equipping powerful items. Once you are ready, prestige the character to take on new, harder challenges.

DIVE IN THE IMMERSIVE ATMOSPHERE – Enter a fully fleshed out world and enjoy the gameplay while being surrounded by an immersive fantasy location.

FOLLOW THE ROAD MAP – 7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual has a very solid foundation and has plenty of room to grow, from new unique monsters to new villagers, cosmetics, maps and gameplay mechanics.

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