4th phase of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha is live now

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Phase 4 of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha is now underway! This time, you can play Odyssey with your existing Commanders and ships, so bring on the Cutters, Corvettes, Cobras and more! To help manage your fleet, delivery times and costs for ship transportation have been reduced, allowing you to easily transfer and use any of your existing ships. The snapshot taken from the base game to duplicate for the alpha was taken on 23 April.

The following features will also be available in Elite Dangerous Odyssey:

  • Wing Missions / Ship Depot
  • Powerplay
  • Tech Brokers
  • Search and Rescue contacts
  • Research Station services contacts
Elite Dangerous Odyssey logo

Phase 4 is expected to close on 5th May, allowing the development team to receive feedback, collect data, and make adjustments. Once the phase ends, the alpha will close so this is your last chance to play Odyssey until launch! Note that any progress made in the alpha will not carry over to the live game.

Please be advised that the 4th phase of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha is live now, detail below: https://steamcommunity.com/games/elitedangerous/announcements/detail/3066365461445711037

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