BAFTA-nominated strategy game developer Firefly Studios has released 30 minutes of gameplay from the military campaign of Stronghold: Warlords, the latest in their classic ‘castle sim’ series. Featuring never before seen units, siege weapons, grand strategy mechanics and economic gameplay, this developer playthrough gives fans their first in-depth look at a full mission from the game:

See the campaign in action below:

This new developer-led gameplay video showcases a full campaign mission set in 238 BC China, featuring both the legendary Qin Shi Huang and infamous rebel warlord Lao Ai. In the mission, players must recover a stolen seal by besieging Lao Ai with the aid of local warlords, new gunpowder-fuelled siege weapons and unit types. As a vertical slice of the full game the demo includes more recent additions to the series including new units, siege weapons and warlord mechanics, in addition to an expanded castle economy:

  • New warlord types with the ability to besiege enemies, provide supplies and buff armies
  • Siege weapons like the Hwacha, Fire Ox, Catapult and Rocket Cart
  • Unit types including incendiary Fire Lancers, Generals and Mongolian Horse Archers
  • New economy features like Spirit and resource chains such as Silk and Tea

Combining the first-ever use of gunpowder in the Stronghold series with incredible historic weaponry and the new grand strategy warlords mechanic, this new gameplay demo gives players a flavour of things to come. The demo also features new production chains and economy mechanics unique to Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and Japan — firsts for the Stronghold series as a whole. Adding a fresh layer of resource and management gameplay has been a core goal since the start of development and players can expect even more sim gameplay in the final release.

Whether they decide to decimate Lao Ai’s fort with Hwachas, Fire Oxen, and classic Catapults or sit back and let their warlords attack for them, players can expect a devastating display of gunpowder-fuelled destruction when Stronghold: Warlords launches on Steam this year.

Stronghold: Warlords new campaign gameplay

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