10 free indie games for when you’re on the go

by MaddOx
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Mobile gaming is becoming more popular by the day. Whether it’s a quick game to play on your lunch break at work or something to help pass the time on an aeroplane as you jet off on holiday, there are games for all occasions and they’re all available at the click of a button.

I’m here to try and freshen up your mobile game library with this little list I put together of 10 free indie games currently available on the Play store (may also be available on iOS too) that are worth checking out. If you end up downloading any of them, let us know what you think in the comments.


The year is 1888. Dr. Cyril Splutterworth – an eccentric inventor- needs brave adventurers to help him explore the Victorian world.

Will you busy yourself in the laboratory testing strange gadgets, or hop on a steamship to the frontiers of Her Majesty’s empire?

Victoriana is a text-based game, echoing the style of classic Choose Your Own Adventure stories. The text adventure has several possible outcomes. You may have to depend on your charm and charisma, technical know-how or pure common sense to win the day.

A plethora of possibilities await you, and you might even get through it alive!

Download HERE


Fight through two stages and defeat waves of enemies in this arcade space shooter. Vanquish each Demon Lord individually or challenge yourself with a campaign to destroy both in a single run for a higher score.

Download HERE

KITTY CAT LAND (Currently unreleased but available to download)

Kitty Cat Land is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer in which players help Cats to bring Kitties to their home through 48 levels across 6 worlds in order to rescue every missing cat, plus one secret level on each world.

Living together in harmony, cats enjoy the peace of sleeping. However, kitties have suddenly disappeared! Can you help them find and bring back all the missing kitties whilst discovering what’s happening in this wonderful land?

Download HERE


EQUILIBRE: ENDLESS BALANCE (Currently unreleased but available to download)

Help this cute little donkey to pull his cart while balancing a stack of sacks.

Tap left, right or tilt your phone to balance the stack. Do not let even a single sack fall!

The longer you keep the stack in balance, the more you score.

Download HERE


Doomsday has arrived. Jump in your vehicle and try to outrun the apocalypse. See how long you can outrun the end of days using a wide variety of vehicles.

Mine obstacles for ‘Ore’ while trying to survive as long as possible. Use the ‘Ore’ to upgrade your vehicle or buy new vehicles in between turns.

Each vehicle has unique capabilities and music. Try to collect them all.

Download HERE


Your chance to drive a taco truck and show everyone how great it would be to have a taco truck on every corner. Protect your truck from road hazards and feed those who would try and stop you. Once they have tasted your tacos, they will let you pass. You even get a quesadilla launcher to protect you from attacks from the air.

Your trucks come equipped with modified lowrider hydraulics which you can use to jump over hazards as well. Banditos, sheriffs, police, sloppy joe hurling lunch ladies and even illegal aliens (as in from another planet) stand in your way. You’ll need to prove to them all that your taco truck food is the best.

Download HERE

THE ADVENTURES OF HENRY McFANG (Currently unreleased but available to download)

Developed by the same people behind Kitty Cat Land comes The Adventures of Henry McFang.

Henry is an archaeologist searching for an ancient canine temple that according to legends, keeps a treasure never seen before by dogs. To enter the temple, the puppy must travel to different worlds and collect the idols and jewels, which will allow him to forge the key to enter the temple.

Download HERE


The goal is simple: propel your pucks so they ram your opponent’s pucks out of the board! And whenever you score — drive theirs off but don’t lose any of your own — you get to push again! It’s an addictive blend of air hockey, curling, shuffleboard, pool… and even checkers (the “Chapayev” checkers game popular in Russia).

Download HERE


Enter the world of the SphereHead – fun and exciting, yet everything seems to be trying to kill our little hero. Fly, explore, dodge, run, search, solve puzzles, escape and help our sphere shaped hero survive.

Help our friend to collect coins, find all the keys and get to the exit before time runs out.

But be beware, it keeps getting more and more difficult as you progress, there are unexpected things lurking around, things that will chase you and many challenging obstacles. You will encounter surprises at every step.

Download HERE


Dodge your way past hammers, axes, geometric obstacles and even lasers!

Glitch Dash is hard, REALLY hard. Your reflexes need to be on edge to get through the intense mazes that is Glitch Dash.

Run through the beautiful and abstract world and just try to survive. If you are looking for a really challenging Impossible Runner, then Glitch Dash is the game for you!

Download HERE

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