WoW Classic Dungeons Locations guide

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If you’re on a quest to enjoy the best spoils available in WoW Classic, then you’ll need to start exploring some dungeons. You can get some fantastic equipment from taking down bosses and quests that you’ll find within these dungeons. Players choose to tackle dungeons for the epic armour you can gain, as it can put you in good stead for the Classic raids you’ll face along your journey.

In this guide, we’ve provided details on a list of some of the most common dungeons, and you’ll also get some hints and tips along the way.

How to tackle a dungeon

Five players are often the minimum requirement for each dungeon, although there is a variety that needs up to ten players, and differs as you cannot complete quests in these ones. Many players utilize a Mythic+ Boost to make the dungeon takedown easier, and three damage classes, one healer, and a tank are usually the most effective lineups to complete a dungeon, and if you ensure one of the three classes are damage-dealers with healing spells, then you’ll feel the benefits. Classic doesn’t offer a way to search for a group, but you’ll often find some help in the zone chat when you target a particular dungeon.

You could also use the trade chat of the capital cities to find others.

Most popular dungeons

We’ve detailed some of the most popular WoW Classic dungeons below for your reading pleasure.

Ragefire Chasm

  • Level 10 minimum
  • No attunement required
  • Found in the center of Orgrimmar
  • People in chat call this dungeon RFC
  • Four bosses and one wing is here

Razorfen Kraul

  • Level 25 minimum
  • No attunement required
  • Found at the most southern end of The barrens just West of the Gold Road
  • People in chat call this dungeon RFK
  • Six bosses, one wing and two rares found here

Shadowfang Keep

  • Blizzard made sure this one had a minimum level 14 for this one
  • You’ll find this one South of the Lordaeron Ruins in a castle upon a hill West of Ambermill in Silverpine Forest.
  • No attunement is required.
  • People in chat call the dungeon SFK
  • There is one rare mob, seven bosses, and one wing

Wailing Caverns

  • A minimum level of 10 applies here
  • You can find it Southwest of the crossroads in the Barrens within a hill
  • No attunement is required
  • People in chat call it WC
  • There are eight bosses, sometimes rare mob will appear, and one wing.
WoW Classic Dungeons

The Deadmines

  • There is a level 10 minimum requirement
  • This one is in the Westfall town of Moonbrook within a shack inside a mine
  • No attunement is required
  • People in chat refer to it as VC, DM, Deadmines, and you will see lots of mentions of arSouthwestbout that
  • There are a total of seven bosses, an extra rare mob spawn, and one wing.

Blackfathom Deeps

  • A minimum of level 15 applies
  • You can find this one located towards the western end of Ashenvale underwater on a beach ruin
  • People in chat call it BFD
  • There is no attunement
  • There are eight bosses and one wing

The Stockade

  • A level 15 minimum applies
  • The Stockdale is located in the heart of Stormwind City
  • No attunement is required
  • People call it Stocks in chat
  • There are five bosses, one rare and one wing

Scarlett Monastery

  • You will need to have a minimum level of 21
  • This one is found in the hills of Undercity and Brill in a church to the northeast
  • You do need an attunement for this one. You’ll need the Scarlet key to open the Cathedral Wings or the Armory, which is found in the library wing
  • People in chat call this one SM
  • There are four wings in total, two bosses and three rares in the graveyard, two bosses in the library, three bosses in the cathedral, and one boss in the armory.

We hope our WoW Classic dungeons locations guide helps you, and as usual, drop us a line in the comments!

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