With the release of Twin Mirror, Dontnod is gearing up to fill the vacuum left in the adventure gaming genre after the demise of Telltale. It has taken a particularly bold step by departing from the episodic style into a single format.

The game explores interesting social ills that could be felt in a cosmopolitan society such as opioid addiction and corruption of law enforcement agents some of which could be the possible suspicion of foul play by the daughter of his late friend concerning the death of her father.

Twin Mirror is available at a price of £24.99 and could be played across multiple platforms such as PC, PS4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

Objective Reality Brought to Life

The degeneration of a romantic relationship is one of the life events that can test the emotional strength and capacity of a man. But what happens when in the aftermath of a breakup especially when your love interest who rejected your proposal eventually began dating your friend and then you are later hit with the news of the demise of a friend; a best friend for that matter. That’s just about enough to cause a nervous breakdown right? In the case of Sam Higgs, this is not even the end of the story.

Upon his return to the particularly unfriendly Basewood, West Virginia, he suffers an attack and ​wakes up with transient amnesia thereby robbing him of the happenings leading up to the attack. Now he must embark on a journey to find out the truth.

Although the death of the friend had been ruled an accident by the police, as an investigative journalist, it was only right for Sam to lend his expertise to find the real cause of his friend’s death. The mechanics of the game may not be pristine but the narrative of the game is a potential deal sweetener that can help you overlook the shortcomings you may find with the game mechanics.

Twin Mirror artwork

Intriguing, Thrilling Storyline and Gameplay

Twin Mirror is a thrilling masterpiece from Dontnod Entertainment which has a psychological mystery thriller and narrative adventure theme that is poised to give the avid gamer an interesting challenge. The detective elements that comes with the game is perhaps what makes it a compelling option to try out for anyone willing to try out their hands on a non-sports game. Although based on the adventure style of the game the gameplay may not be exactly as swift and boisterous as you would need clues as you proceed in the game.

The 8 hours run time of the game provides ample opportunity for you to make the right decisions as you go about your movements. Remember it’s a psychological mystery trailer hence having a desirable outcome will be based on making precise and accurate choices in the previous stages. Hence, this is a game where patience and precision are a better virtue than speed.

Twin Mirror is a particularly striking game with an approach that may not be common based on its portrayal of many villains without a particular hero. The main character which is Sam wasn’t built to be likeable because of the sometimes upsetting actions or roles he might take on during gameplay but then a detective may not exactly be a fairly attractive character even in real life! They may have to take on some rather dodgy actions to achieve the ultimate good.

Based on ​the amnesia incident, you will have to piece together disjointed clues in the mind of Sam to unravel the mystery of the past events. In addition to Sam, there is a character known as “The Double” who is an imaginary friend for Sam who he sometimes interacts with albeit in an informal way.

Is Twin Mirror a New Favorite Adventure Game?

We would say yes. Adventure games are very popular and if this narrative is a genre you like then you have probably found yourself a new favourite game. Because this genre is so popular, many adventure video games are transformed into video slots for online casinos. When it happens, it’s usually a sign of how popular the game is. We wouldn’t be surprised if NetEnt or Microgaming will release a Twin Mirror Video Slot within the near future.

Twin Mirror may take a while to get used to but it is packed with one important feature that will most likely make you fall in love with it. This feature is the ability to determine the direction where the story leads. With this said, we still feel the game didn’t set out to explore the social issues extensively as it could have. It could have been nice if these issues were examined further but it is understandable why the developers did not go further, the game length is already long and the question of what the extra value would be.

We really enjoyed the thrill and excitement of Twin Mirror and we hope you will too!

Twin Mirror is developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco. The game is available now, releasing on December 1st at a price of around £24.99 and can be found on PC, PS4, Xbox One. Check out more of our game reviews HERE.

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