Tinykin review: Big things come in tiny packages

by Ben Kirby
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Tinykin is a real-time strategy game with a colourful, action-adventure twist. With parallels being drawn to Pikmin, due to collecting little dudes (Tinykin) that follow you around and help you navigate through the environments.

You’re playing as Milodane, an astronaut that got shrunk when travelling from a distant planet. Now alive and well, but tiny and trying to get back to normal, navigating through different rooms in a house. Being super-small means you can’t just open doors and windows. You’re going to have to work out what to do and use the various abilities of Tinykin to help.

The Tinykin have never helped or followed anyone else before, but we’re in luck! They like Milodane.

Now it’s a puzzle platformer and it’s clean and simple fun.

Tinykin - Bomb

Oozing with style

Visually and audibly, Tinykin is a treat. The lovely cartoony style is perfect for this game. Character models are 2d on a 3d plane. It all just works really well and looks fantastic. Vibrant, cheerful and just a happy experience in every way.

Clips to demonstrate how specific Tinykin work. NPCs talk you through what you need to do or give you hints with some side-quests. It’s easy-breezy and pleasant. Did I already say how lovely everything is?

There’s nothing here to dislike, honestly. Everyone looks suitably cute, and the movement is great. Particularly floating around, climbing and using your Soapboard for grinding and surfing/skating. Navigating rooms, climbing a chest of drawers, powering lamps and cd players. It makes me feel like the old Micro Machines games used to, and I love that.

Think of Honey, I shrunk the kids, to give you a sense of scale. But then Tinykin delivers more cartoony and vibrant personality than I’ve seen in a game for a long long time!

Tinykin gameplay screenshot

What’s it like?

I’ve seen Tinykin described as “Pikmin-like” which can only be a compliment because people love Pikmin. I’ve never played and only had a passing interest in it, but the resemblance is clear.

As you progress through the game, you unlock a new Tinykin. Each has specific uses. Some conduct electricity, some are used to simply bash things and explode. Others can be stacked and climbed on. Honestly, when you’re running around a level with a squad of Tinykin, you feel like you can conquer all puzzles.

No level is set up so that you can’t accomplish it with the Tinykin that are in it. So the first thing you need to do is go and get some of the little buggers. A quick run around and you’ll see different coloured mounds. Go collect them and get a variety of different pals to help you on your quest.

You’re traversing bedrooms, utility rooms, and basements and having to get around everyday objects like plants, books and toilet rolls. It’s so straightforward that you never really struggle, but there’s enough there to make you think about what you’re doing and how you approach getting to where you need to be. But you’re not ever stuck in an impossible situation. All you ever need is the Tinykin and to understand how to use them in the right context.

Tinykin - Milodane

Tinykin is big fun

If you’ve read this far, you’ll likely be on board and understand that I’ve enjoyed my time with this game, and I’ll be honest, I’ve enjoyed it way more than I expected. The cutesy style isn’t something I’m usually onboard for, but Tinykin is undeniable in its aesthetic.

Clearly crafted with love, Tinykin is just a pleasant experience from top to bottom. Clever, fun, vibrant and a whole host of other lovely adjectives.

It’s available on Gamepass, too, so if you already have a subscription, you can try it out at no extra cost!

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