The Top 6 Smartphones of 2021

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Smartphones are constantly evolving. Every year, tech giants push the boundaries of mobile functionality. No matter whether you’re a fan of Apple or Android-based phones, we’ve included something for everyone in an attempt to keep the peace. The chances are good that you’ve already pledged years of allegiance to a brand. However, there’s no harm in keeping an open mind and exploring other options. With that, we will begin our list of the best handsets 2021 has to offer. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

2021 is all about keeping it slim, boosting the battery, and offering a crystal-clear display – and this device doesn’t fail to deliver. The handset comes in at an impressive £925 on Amazon but has the features to back this up. For those budding photographers out there, you benefit from a 108MP rear-facing camera, which integrates well with the 100x zoom capabilities. This device is a step above its predecessor because you get two cameras to make easy work of your photos. Further, the phone benefits from impressive speeds on the 5G network.

Although this smartphone comes with a hefty cost, you could always throw it on the interest-free credit card and invest in Lebara SIM-only plans. These SIM cards cost as little as £5, which packs you 1000 texts/minutes, 2GB of data, and 100 minutes to 41 countries. If this sounds like a reasonable alternative to pricey stretched out contracts, you can learn more on Lebara.

iPhone 12 Pro

Coming in at number two to keep the precious Apple army from throwing the next peasants’ revolt, is the iPhone 12 Pro. This smartphone comes in a variety of colours and features a clear screen. You benefit from a resolution of 1170 x 2532, 6GB of RAM, and an A14 Bionic CPU. The camera is okay but doesn’t beat the likes of the Samsung device above, as it only includes a 12MP on the front and back. In true Apple tradition, the battery life is average and there are certainly more powerful options on the market. 

In the next offering of iPhones, we need to see 5G and the battery life become a priority. For the premium price of Apple devices, it can’t be that hard to pack them with a quality battery at this point. For the Apple fans that feel the need to be robbed in daylight, this is the perfect choice for you. There isn’t really a huge upgrade on the previous model, so if you’ve got that you might as well weather the storm and see what the next release brings. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you’re after productivity, then this smartphone is an absolute beast. This is the premium offering from Samsung and comes with the S Pen Stylus to increase the useability of the device. The price of the device tickles just over £1,000 with some retailers, but more than makes up for it in power.

The display on this smartphone is one of the most powerful on the market, with a 120Hz refresh rate in full HD+. Further, you can adjust the resolution to QHD+ and achieve refresh rates of 60HZ, which is an impressive feat. When it comes to the screen itself, you’ve got plenty of space to watch TV, play games, and get all your work done with the 6.9 screens. The only downside to the device is the battery, which powers up the less powerful Exynos 990 chipset

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone

Sony Xperia 1 III

Sony has always been in on the top smartphones, with their Xperia range. One of the best features of Sony phones has always been their battery power, they never fail to disappoint – and this device is no different. If you only use the phone for basic browsing and texting of the average user, this device can last a full day. Moving to the back of the phone, the camera comes in at 12MP and optimizes multiple cameras to get the best out of your photography. To complement the camera, the display is capable of offering 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 120Hz.  

Oneplus 9 Pro

The Oneplus 9 Pro is a brilliant device that competes well with more established smartphone players. The device runs off an impressive 8GB RAM and boasts 128GB of storage. Although there is no microSD support, the size of the internal memory should be plenty for the average user’s needs. The cost of the device is slightly lower than the entries above, coming in at around £830.

This device’s battery will last you all day, so there’s no need to worry about losing charge. However, if you’re smashing out heavy apps all day then you will come across issues. On top of this power, you can find a top of the range camera that comes in at 48MP and includes a freeform ultra-wide lens. 

Xiaomi Mi 11

This is the Xiaomi flagship smartphone, that comes to you on the back of years of development. With this device, you will get everything you could possibly want from a top-end smartphone. Clearly, they have put a lot of work into the camera, which boasts 108MP and easily contends with the Samsung Ultra’s camera. However, despite packing a punch through the camera features, it lets users down with its less than average battery. However, if you’re happy to make some sacrifices and have a premium phone in your pocket for under £700, then this is the choice for you. 

Having a powerful smartphone is a hot commodity in this day and age. Although the prices are high, the features are phenomenal to compensate. Samsung is the clear leader of the pack with their Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, leaving other competitors in the dirt. The iPhone offering is an admirable attempt at a top spot but just doesn’t quite reach it. Remember, if you can’t afford the device you want on a heavy contract, shift it to an interest-free credit card and opt for a SIM-only deal.

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