19 Best Modern Bingo Websites In The UK

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There’s no doubt about it –– the new-and-improved online bingo games are taking over the bingo world. While classic bingo is still loved by many, businesses are getting creative with their game rules and design to cater to their wide range of audiences, both young and old. Some up-and-coming bingo websites in the UK managed to serve unconventional modern bingo features.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about picking the best modern bingo
websites as well as other things like game variations and whether you can play them on your
mobile phone. So if you’re interested to find out more, keep on reading!

Picking a Modern Bingo Site

Do your research and read comprehensive reviews of the brand before deciding to go onboard. Having a good understanding of the game and brand hosting is paramount to committing to new bingo sites. Often enough, we’ve noticed that new players enjoy registering for a variety of new bingo sites and experiment with different bingo games, before settling for the one they like. But hey, you never know what you like till you’ve tried, right? Ultimately, the golden rule is to pick what suits you best.

Why Pick a Modern Bingo Site?

If the current site isn’t compatible with your style, switching to a modern bingo site could offer a different game perspective and make up for what older bingo sites don’t offer. Making use of the latest technology, contemporary bingo sites have a clear edge over older sites when it comes to bonuses and gameplay. Additionally, slots are one of the new features that set modern bingo websites apart from typical websites. 

Incentives to Join a Modern Bingo Site

Registration Bonus

First-time sign-ups are gifted with an attractive credit bonus to begin their bingo journey on the new site. This means no prior commitment is required to experience the games offered on the site and determine if it suits you.

First Deposit Bonus 

Extra credits will be awarded to your account upon successful completion of your first deposit. This amount is generally greater than the amount deposited.

Complimentary Spins 

Modern Bingo sites that have slots also entice players with free spins for a chance at winning premium prizes. 

Loyalty Points Scheme

Bingo players are awarded points for various activities such as depositing money and being active on the site. These points can later be used to exchange for actual cash or other rewards. 

Membership Programs

Active users of the bingo site will be offered a chance to be VIP members, where the perks progressively get bigger as the user climbs through the ranks.

Bingo on a Tablet with balls jumping out of the screen

How Safe are Modern Bingo Sites?

Bingo sites mentioned above are monitored by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Hence, legitimacy is guaranteed. Moreover, compliance accreditation companies conduct thorough checks to ensure that bingo sites are compliant with the regulations. They also examine the site for honourable games and double-check the site’s SSL encryption, which is in charge of safeguarding players’ private information.  

Money Transfers at Modern Bingo Sites

Making use of current technology, modern bingo sites now accept payment methods that are quick and efficient for players to deposit and withdraw money. Generally, users can deposit and withdraw credits through online payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. However, certain contemporary bingo sites that are mobile-friendly allow credit payments to be conveniently charged to the player’s monthly phone bill. 

User Base of Modern Bingo Sites

Most of these new bingo sites are run by gambling establishments that also own other games played by a steady stream of customers. Leveraging on this existing community of players, companies tend to link them to modern bingo sites to create and expand the existing network of bingo players. Furthermore, newly registered players of the company’s older websites would generally receive invitations to sign up for the latest ones. 

It is no wonder that contemporary bingo sites, although new, have a ready database of users. However, in terms of popularity, new bingo websites do take time to gain public awareness, attract new players and grow its name.   

Game Variations

The number of balls used is one of the main deciding factors for players when choosing a modern bingo game. Different games offer varying numbers of balls per round – some use 52 or 75 balls while others have 90. Likewise, the type of jackpot prizes play a huge role in attracting players, and not every game offers the same jackpot. On top of that, modern bingo sites present a wide selection of game aesthetics to choose from. Some new sites have also seen the positive effects of hosting slots on their portal as bingo players tend to play slots as well.

A variety of different types of Online Bingo Games

Are Modern Bingo Games Mobile-Friendly? 

As the use of mobile phones is increasingly prevalent and central to people’s lives, it is unsurprising that bingo players prefer the convenience of playing bingo on their phones to desktops. Bingo enterprises that host games on websites were quick to pick up on it. Following trends, companies have adapted and optimized new bingo websites for mobile. 

Now, many of these mobile versions are seamlessly comparable to the online sites and companies are even offering attractive bonuses to encourage users to move to their game’s mobile application.

Who Can Play at Modern Bingo Sites?

In accordance with the UK’s and Republican of Ireland’s rule, players must be at least 18 years old to use the modern bingo sites as it is a form of gambling. 

While certain modern bingo sites may utilize geolocation tracking to confirm that a player is located in a region where gambling is legal, there are no other restrictions pertaining to who is allowed to play at these sites. 


Since it was introduced in 1929, bingo has brought much fun and excitement to many and is still receiving lots of love from fans across the UK. Adapting through the times from past to present, modern bingo games offer various new features that are now conveniently available on websites and mobile applications. With their attractive jackpots, promotions, and deals, modern bingo sites are here to stay. Bingo!

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