The best games for your smartphone in 2021

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For the loyal and dedicated community of gamers, the options are impressively vast in the modern world. We can session consoles like the Nintendo Switch, enjoy the sophisticated offering of the newly-released PlayStation 5, and even watch our favourite streamers tackle a variety of new releases. Smartphone gaming is another popular option for the community.

Thanks to the ongoing technological advancements we are continually exposed to, our smartphones have shown remarkable progress in recent times. The internet has played a huge role in mobile gaming’s surge to the top, with the birth of the smartphone, enabling our miniature handheld devices to offer more functions like vr nude than we have ever known before.

For gamers, playing the best payout slots at has never been more appealing alongside the array of popular releases now available on Google Play or AppStore such as Among Us, Subway Surfers and console-quality titles like Fortnite. The games will only continue to improve, too, especially with the additional accessories we can now add to a smartphone to elevate the all-round gaming experience even further.

With a comprehensive selection of smartphone games available in 2021, we thought we’d go through some of the best games available on both android and iPhone right now.

Minecraft on a Mobile Phone

The best games for your smartphone in 2021

Monument Valley 2

A soothing release with stunning visuals and gorgeous graphics throughout, Monument Valley 2 tasks players with guiding a mother and her daughter through various levels of optical illusions and a variety of confusing perspective changes. An Escher-esque puzzler that is bound to keep you entertained for hours on end, Monument Valley 2 is a unique creation well worth exploring.

Alto’s Odyssey

If surfing on sand dunes appeals to you, then you’ll definitely take to Alto’s Odyssey. With its gorgeous backdrop of ancient buildings and its ever-changing weather, the game offers beautiful visuals and a very zen atmosphere. The controls are easy, with players simply having to tap to jump every now and then in order to get to the end of each level.

The Room 4: Old Sins

Poking and prodding strange objects has never been so tense in this spooky puzzle- box game. The Room 4: Old Sins involves players trying to uncover various clues that could help you gain a clearer understanding of what is proving to be a mysterious story. A tense and engaging release, you won’t want to put your phone down once you’ve started this one.

Puzzle Dino

If you’re partial to the odd puzzle game from time to time, then you’ll love Puzzle Dino. It involves dropping directional arrows onto a grid to guide a cartoon dinosaur on the right path, with the main aim being to find the exit tile. You can use miniature trampolines to jump, retract bridges, and walk over various switches. The fact you can create your own courses adds to the fun aspect of this particular release also. If you’re keen to unearth an entertaining puzzle game, then give Puzzle Dino a download.

Mini Metro

Mini Metro isn’t new, but it’s still incredibly popular. A minimalist game, the aim of this particular release is to manage an underground network of trains and plan new routes for what is a growing city. It’s a simple game, but sometimes they’re the best type of creations.

Pokémon GO logo

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go has been around for a while now, but thanks to Niantic’s constant updates it offers players something new and appealing virtually every month. You can battle against gyms, fellow trainers, and even your friends. All this comes alongside the option of filling up your Pokédex and exploring the game’s augmented reality feature as you walk around outside.


Inked is surely a game that stands out due to its simplicity and beauty. It has incredible variety in its puzzles, while still keeping some elements constant to not make the difficulty ramp up, but still offer a good challenge for players. It is surely a game to recommend if you do like small puzzles or simple platformers on your smartphone, as its charming nature is sure to win you over.

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