How does Google Workspace work, and why should you use it?

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Have you ever wondered how some people may use Gmail accounts with addresses in a custom domain? Maybe you’ve had such an account provided by your school or previous employer, and now you’re interested in setting up something similar for yourself. No matter what the root of your interest in Google’s email and office apps services is, we’re here to dispel all your doubts about the usefulness of this solution.

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What exactly is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is an environment of interconnected cloud-based apps for communication, file editing, storage, and security management. This package of office productivity tools is offered to businesses in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which means that instead of owning a single version of the program and paying the full price once, you pay a small monthly subscription fee for each licence.

What applications are included in Google Workspace?

Each Google Workspace licence provides one employee with all the necessary tools for achieving productivity goals in the office tasks, both in the actual physical office and during remote work. Every Workspace account includes:

  • Gmail – with a custom domain;
  • Drive – storage;
  • Meet – video conferencing app;
  • Calendar – for organising team schedule;
  • Keep – a digital notepad for text and multimedia;
  • Chat – for quick internal communication;
  • Docs – text editor;
  • Sheets – spreadsheet editor;
  • Slides – presentations editor;
  • Forms – for creating online questionnaires and tests;
  • Sites – websites creator;
  • Admin – a management centre for administrators from which they can keep control over users’ accounts, the company’s data and security settings.

All the apps are seamlessly connected, so you can take care of most of your daily tasks without leaving a single browser window with a Gmail mailbox. Each app is available both on the web and in mobile app stores for Android and iOS.

Google Applications on Google Workplace

What are the benefits of the subscription model in Google Workspace?

Let’s dive into the advantages of paying for the Workspace licences instead of buying a perpetual licence for older solutions or setting up your email hosting or on-premise webmail server. The subscription model in Google Workspace service allows you, as a business owner, to:

  • Enjoy the lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by moving from capital expenses (upfront investments) to operational ones;
  • Immediately get access to the newest updates – cloud software is developed at a constant pace, so you can always have cutting-edge features.
  • Effortlessly scale the company horizontally by increasing or decreasing the number of seats;
  • Scale vertically when the needs of your team grow by upgrading the service to a higher tier;
  • Focus on using the tools instead of wasting time on hardware or hosting management.

In short, by choosing a SaaS solution, you cut costs related to physical security, hardware, IT personnel, and maintenance – the service provider takes care of all of it. The only thing you need to worry about is implementing, configuring, and using the tools properly. And you won’t be left alone with that either if you find a Google Cloud partner.

How can a Google Cloud partner help you use Google Workspace?

Google Cloud has a global network of partner companies that provide solutions to clients. One of the Google Cloud partners in the UK and CEE markets is FOTC – a company that specialises only in Google’s technology and offers comprehensive support, training, and configuration guidance. Plus, if you decide to implement Google Workspace with FOTC, you can get a trial period extended from 14 to 30 days and long-term discounts that are not available directly at Google.

Google Cloud with Google Workplace

The three main benefits of using Google Workspace

To sum up, Google Workspace, a cloud-based office productivity apps suite, is worth a try thanks to these three major benefits for businesses:

  1. This all-in-one solution grants your employees everything they need for professional online collaboration in a hybrid or remote environment.
  2. The subscription model guarantees cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and easy scaling without any upfront investment.
  3. With the help of a partner, like FOTC, you always have a team of specialists at your service. You gain technical support, training, and favourable contractual terms.
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