Should you invest in Studio Monitors for listening to music at home?

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We all love to listen to our music, but your favourite artists and songs may not be getting the best possible treatment if you’re listening to them through small speakers or through the speakers of your phone/laptop. You may think those studio monitors are just for those who make music – but the truth is they offer all music lovers one of the best possible ways to listen to music at home.

We’ve reviewed a few sets of these kinds of speakers at FULLSYNC, such as the Edifier S2000 Pro monitor speakers. So we know a little about the subject. And that’s why we have provided some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions many people have when they question purchasing studio monitor speakers.

Do Studio Monitors really sound better?

The simple truth is yes, they do. Studio monitoring will always offer a fuller frequency listening experience than listening through small speakers. These monitors are designed from the ground up to be able to handle the variety of frequencies that come through in every song you listen to, at volume. That means you don’t have to worry about the tinny crackly sound that you often get from smaller, cheaper speakers that are easier to overwhelm.

Edifier S2000 Pro studio monitor speakers with remote

Is it necessary to spend a lot of money?

In a word; no. Improvements in technology have meant that better quality studio monitors are more affordable than ever before. As a part of a good quality sound system, that means you can enjoy your favourite music in excellent quality, without needing to invest the earth. Whether you’re looking for a simple or a more complex setup, you’ll also find a broad range of studio monitoring equipment available to suit your budget.

Think about your requirements – are you just going to be listening to music, or do you also want to make it as well? This will give you an insight into what you need to know to build the ideal studio-quality monitoring system for your requirements.

And now we have answered those questions, here’s an extra tip to help you out if you’re still unsure about whether studio monitors are worth it.

Don’t forget that placement matters

When you’re building your ideal monitor setup it’s important to remember that placement is everything. If you’re trying to get the best possible sound quality, you need to consider the layout of your room and use that to determine where you should place your monitors. So before you buy, make sure you’re familiar with the key aspects of monitor placement – this will mean you can hit the ground running when your new monitors arrive and start enjoying your music straight away.

For a broad range of monitors, as well as other studio-quality instruments and recording equipment, make sure you browse the range available online. Buying online is easy, and the best listening experience of your life could be just a simple click away.

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