Shueisha Games unveils two top games in Summer showcases

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This summer’s gaming showcases have brought exciting news for fans of immersive, story-driven adventures. Tokyo-based publisher Shueisha Games has unveiled two highly anticipated titles: Urban Myth Dissolution Center and OPUS: Prism Peak. The trailers for these intriguing games were showcased at two major events—Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct—giving fans a taste of what’s to come.

Unravel mysteries in Urban Myth Dissolution Center

Urban Myth Dissolution Center logo and key art

Developed by Hakababunko, Urban Myth Dissolution Center invites players into a world of psycho-detective mystery. This single-player adventure game is set to release on Steam and Nintendo Switch, promising a unique blend of paranormal investigation and storytelling.

In Urban Myth Dissolution Center, you take on the role of Azami Fukurai, a rookie with an extraordinary ability—she can see human thoughts and the memories of places through her glasses. This unique skill sets her apart as she navigates the eerie and often dangerous cases at the Dissolution Center. Guided by her somewhat indifferent but competent colleague, Jasmine, and the enigmatic, wheelchair-bound director and psychic, Ayumu Meguriya, Azami dives into a world filled with cursed relics, dimensional anomalies, and otherworldly creatures.

The game’s premise combines classic detective work with supernatural elements, providing a fresh take on the genre. As you help Azami solve these mysteries, you’ll be drawn into a narrative that explores the thin veil between reality and the supernatural. The trailer, revealed at the Guerrilla Collective, has already generated significant buzz, leaving fans eager to see more of Azami’s journey.

While you wait for the full release, you can wishlist Urban Myth Dissolution Center on Steam.

Discover self-fulfilment in OPUS: Prism Peak

OPUS: Prism Peak logo and key art

OPUS: Prism Peak, the latest entry in the acclaimed OPUS series by developer SIGONO and publisher Shueisha Games, continues the franchise’s tradition of deeply emotional and visually stunning storytelling. This single-player adventure game merges Eastern and Western narrative styles to create a unique experience.

In OPUS: Prism Peak, players step into the shoes of a weary photographer who finds themselves in an ethereal realm while on their way back to their hometown. This journey of self-discovery is driven by the protagonist’s camera, which captures not just images but also pieces of their past. Through these photographs, players will uncover memories and confront elements of the protagonist’s life, gradually piecing together their story and coming to terms with their past.

The game’s trailer, showcased at Wholesome Direct, highlights its beautiful art style and compelling narrative. The exploration and photography mechanics promise to offer a serene yet profound gaming experience, inviting players to reflect on themes of love, soul, and personal growth.

To stay updated on its release, you can wishlist OPUS: Prism Peak on Steam.

Shueisha Games: Bringing unique narratives to life

Both Urban Myth Dissolution Center and OPUS: Prism Peak exemplify Shueisha Games’ commitment to delivering rich, narrative-driven experiences. Whether you’re intrigued by the supernatural detective work of Azami Fukurai or the introspective journey of the weary photographer, these games are set to offer deeply engaging adventures that stand out in the gaming landscape.

As we look forward to their releases, these titles promise to bring fresh and captivating stories to players on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Keep an eye on the upcoming details and prepare to dive into these beautifully crafted worlds later this year.

About Shueisha Games

Shueisha Games, founded in February 2022 and headquartered in Tokyo, is an enthusiastic and experienced team responsible for the planning, development, and sales of many titles for consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

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