Elden Ring – New patch incoming

by Ben Kirby
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We’re on the precipice of something incredible. I can feel it. From the Lands Between, we need to dive into the Shadow of the Erdtree. I’m excited, and to be honest, my Elden Ring experience and knowledge are but a tiny fraction of that of the fan base.

One of the biggest, and arguably best games of all time.

With Shadow of the Erdtree coming on Friday 21st June, FromSoftware has announced a new patch on the eve before. Erdtree Eve, if you will.

We don’t have the full patch notes, but based on some tweets and new articles, we have a rough idea of the key features, and some of it is pretty useful, especially for those embarking on that new game plus.

Elden Ring - Messemer - Miquellas enemy

What’s new in the Elden Ring patch?

Here’s what we know so far about the latest patch for Elden Ring:

  • Inventory Improvements: New items will be highlighted with an exclamation point, making it easier to spot them without endless scrolling. A “recent items” tab will also help manage those ever-growing inventories.
  • Summoning Pools: Active summoning pools will now carry over to NG+. You’ll also be able to enable or disable individual summoning pools directly on the map, with only active ones being selected when using the Small Golden Effigy.
  • New Hairstyles: Five fresh hairstyles will be available in character creation, or through the Clouded Mirror Stand and Rennala’s Rebirth.

Balance adjustments

While the specifics aren’t fully detailed yet, mentioning “balance adjustments” suggests upcoming buffs and nerfs. We’ll likely get the complete patch notes closer to, or on, June 20. Maintenance for this patch is scheduled from 7 to 10 UTC on the 20th.

Miquella followers

Accessing Shadow of the Erdtree

There’s a bit of a challenge before diving into the new expansion: you’ll need to defeat Mohg, a tough, optional boss, to enter the DLC realm. With only about a third of players having bested Mohg, many might find this a surprising hurdle.

Unfortunately, FromSoftware isn’t making it easier with a waypoint at the palace or at Mohg himself. This is classic FromSoft style, so be prepared to tackle this challenge head-on.

Mogh is no slouch, either. There are two different versions, but you need to go to Moghwyn Palace which isn’t too bad. However, the fight took me about 15 attempts. Watch out for blood loss. Keep your distance, kite, and go in for those hits.

As with all Elden Ring bosses, you’re needing to learn the moves, and the mechanics and sometimes you just need to take a few losses to get to grips with it. Similar to Monster Hunter hunts.

You need to get into that egg (yep, you read that right). So clear Mogh out, and get ready for Shadow of the Erdtrtee.

Miquella followers 2

Final thoughts

More Elden Ring patch notes will come out soon enough, and we’ll be on the precipice of the Shadow of the Erdtree release then. Do your prep, and get excited.

I’d say you likely don’t need to worry too much about building, initially. Use what you’re comfortable with because with 8 new weapons types, and presumably a whole host of new weapons and spells to build around. You’ll want to see what there is and re-spec into a new build then.

The beast claws and that hand-to-hand style look awesome. I love the concept, but who knows if it’ll suit my playstyle enough to survive and overcome.

Things are about to get even darker in the Shadow of the Erdtree, and Elden Ring will have a second wind. It’s been an incredibly long time since I pre-ordered an expansion for a game, let alone got so hyped for one. From Software are something else, and I wish I’d been on the train earlier.

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