Innovative custom software development ideas in 2021

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Every modern business runs on an ideology – to upturn the status quo. Therefore, software development has gained more attention than usual in recent years, which is understandable considering its numerous benefits.

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According to a survey of the US market size, more than 100,000 embedded software companies in the US and more than 99 firms are small and medium-sized firms. So far, eCommerce sales have seen an unprecedented rise since the pandemic. It, therefore, means that software development is gaining ground.

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What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is developing, designing, and testing software to cater to specific needs. Virtually all spheres of life use one software or the other to make life easy. Banking, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, and all other industries are beneficiaries of technological advancement, and there’s no denying it.

We’re in 2021, and there is a need for innovative custom software development. So I’ll share some exciting custom software development ideas that’ll help your business stand out in this piece. Here are some of them:

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Create a medical software

This suggestion concerns those in the medical field. This unique software allows clinics and hospitals to do much more. Do you own a hospital? Have you considered the prospects of virtual consultation that allows your patients to seek professional medical advice from the comfort of their homes? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on the healthcare revolution that is sweeping the world.

The coronavirus pandemic further amplified the need to be more flexible with seeking medical advice. While everyone was home, they alerted the coronavirus medical team of any symptoms without visiting the hospital. The global medical software market will reach $11 billion by 2025, according to Statistica.

Hotel booking software

The demand for hotel booking software is on the increase. People want to travel the world, but they want to ensure they have a comfortable place to chill before they do. They prefer booking in advance in their favourite hotel, so they don’t have to deal with settling for less. This software allows users to input their name, duration, room class, and any specific items they need while lodging. This technology is an old one, but there’s a twist you can add. You can give a detailed description of the rooms available and how guests can take advantage of the facilities.

Media and entertainment

The adoption of digital technologies in the media and entertainment field has taken the industry to an unprecedented level. Recall that in 2020, most offline events were cancelled and relocated online. People had to find digital solutions that suited their needs and aligned with them. You can inquire with your customers about the kind of innovation they’d love to see in the industry.

Better still, several digital companies are willing to help you come up with solutions to create an exciting user experience for your customers. The entertainment industry has gone beyond hosting live shows and assembling people in one location. If you still live in this reality, it is time to change that mindset.

Personal wellness

As much as people want to seek medical advice online, they also want to stay fit without visiting a gym. Personal wellness apps are one innovation that has come to stay because humans are busy and would rather save time by training at home.

This software is developed such that there are online trainers and tutors to take subscribers through the process. It also allows them to book for a personal trainer to come to their homes to put them through. These apps encourage physical fitness, mental alertness, meditation, and peacefulness. Emotional health is one aspect of our well-being that is neglected, and this innovation handles it.

Food donating apps

While food delivery apps are rampant, food donating apps aren’t. The rate of poverty and hunger in the world is alarming. Thankfully, we all can contribute our quota to ending world hunger by a simple act of kindness. Food donating apps are helpful, especially in low-income countries and those areas marred by insurgency. This software collaborates with restaurants, registered homes, and individuals willing to give food to the needy.

Most eateries dispose of their leftovers since they can’t use them the next day. Rather than do that, the app urges them to donate food to charity, after which it is handed to an NGO for onward distribution. This idea solves the problem of hunger and adds value to the life of everyone involved. Businesses can use this custom development idea as part of their corporate social responsibility.

These ideas, if implemented, place your business on the world map. They are worth trying, especially if you are tired of watching your business move in circles. It is time to expand beyond your location and reach out to a broader and more exposed audience. Even if some of these ideas seem old, you can finetune them to suit the peculiarities of your society.

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