Snowstorm Mini-Game Sees Over 2 Million Players Pummeled with Snow

by MaddOx
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The Habbo community requested and received a beloved favourite last week with the relaunch of the popular Snowstorm mini-game in the global virtual community. In less than a week since returning to the platform, Sulake can announce Snowstorm has seen nearly 500,000 games played with 25,868,252 snowballs thrown 1,852,467 Habbos completely KO’d and 2,254,474 trees hit. Get in on the action now in Habbo!

Habbo Snowstorm Stats from event's first week

Duck, weave and run to out-maneuver your opponents all the while pelting them with a deluge of fluffy snowballs to rack up points. You can only carry 5 snowballs at a time, so you must aim to hit your adversaries hiding behind trees and bushes, or try your luck at hitting runners by anticipating their movements. Restock your frosty weapon supply at the snowball machine or by visiting the piles of snowballs, but you become a slow and easy target when you are restocking, so you’d better be quick!

Watch the Habbo SnowStorm trailer

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