Skyrim VR appears on Steam

by Lars
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Joining Doom and Fallout in Bethesda’s Steam pantheon is their crowning achievement, Skyrim. While the game’s many releases is something of an outplayed meme at the moment, it’s down as one of the most immersive VR titles available and the PSVR release dominated sales charts for a long time.

The Steam release will also come with full Oculus support which is sure to make anyone with experience of Fallout 4 in VR very happy indeed – while it might not be news that the game is seeing a PC release on April 3rd, it’s certainly welcome that it’s coming with a wider range of support. With the wealth of Skyrim’s expanded content and the inevitable onslaught of mods to keep the game as fresh and weird as you want it, you’ll soon have no reason whatsoever to go back to boring real life.

I’ll wait with baited breath to see if I can actually Dragonshout to push bandits off of cliffs. That’ll be the gamechanger.

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