More of the biggest eSports tournaments to watch out for in 2023

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Are you an eSports games addict? Are you ready to belt up for a rollercoaster of incredible eSports tournaments in 2023?

eSports games and tournaments have taken the world by storm in recent years, with millions of viewers and participants tuning in from around the globe. These events attract many participants, including players, fans, managers, and bettors. 

The success of eSports tournaments is primarily attributed to robust internet connectivity and streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube. Reliable eSports betting sites also attract millions of bettors with lucrative betting offers.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest eSports tournaments you can look forward to in 2023.

League of Legends World Championship (LCS)

It had to be the LCS that tops the list!

The League of Legends World Championship, also known as the LCS, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated eSports tournaments of the year, attracting millions of viewers and participants globally. The tournament features the best League of Legends teams from different regions competing for the top prize.

The 2023 LCS tournament is expected to have a massive prize pool of $6 million, which will be a record for any eSports event. Fans can look forward to watching their favourite teams and players battle it out for the championship title, making it a must-watch event for eSports enthusiasts.

The spring split series is set to conclude on February 28th, 2023, while the finals will be held between the 8th and 9th of April.

League of Legends World Championship 2022 esports tournament

International Dota 2 Championship

The International Dota 2 Championship is another one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious eSports tournaments. The tournament features the best Dota 2 teams from around the world, and the prize pool is often one of the biggest in the industry. The event has been held in various locations worldwide, but in 2023, it will return to Seattle, where it was first held in 2011.

The 2023 Dota 2 Championship is expected to have a $5 million prize pool, which will significantly increase from the previous year’s prize pool. Fans can expect to see some of the most intense and exciting gameplay from the best Dota 2 players in the world.

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM)

The Intel Extreme Masters, also known as IEM, features some top teams and players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The esports tournament is held annually in different locations worldwide, and the venue is yet to be determined. However, the tournament is scheduled for April 17th to 23rd and will feature 16 teams battling for a prize of $250 000.

Intel Extreme Masters Poland 2022 esports tournament


DreamHack is one of the world’s biggest and most popular gaming events. It is a festival where gaming enthusiasts compete, connect, and celebrates their love for video games. The DreamHack event of 2023 promises to be another exciting chapter in this story.

With each passing year, DreamHack continues to grow in size and scope. In 2023, DreamHack plans to showcase the latest gaming technologies and trends, host numerous esports tournaments, and bring together gaming communities worldwide. There will be many games to choose from, including popular titles like Fortnite, Dota 2, and CS: GO.

One of the unique selling points of DreamHack is its diverse community. Gamers from all walks of life gather to share their passion for gaming, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere. The event is a platform for players to showcase their skills and connect with others who share their interests.

The Tekken World Tour

The Tekken World Tour is a global esports tournament series themed on the popular fighting game Tekken. In 2023, the Tekken World Tour will be held in conjunction with DreamHack, adding a layer of excitement to an already thrilling event.

The Tekken World Tour 2023 promises an unforgettable experience for competitors and spectators. The tournament will feature the best Tekken players worldwide, showcasing their skills and strategies in intense battles. The competition will surely be fierce, as players will fight for valuable points and a chance to advance to the grand finals.

The tournament will be structured as a series of regional and international events, culminating in the grand finals. Players will earn points based on their performance in each event, with the top players qualifying for the grand finals.

The Tekken World Tour is not just about the competition, however. It is also a celebration of the Tekken community and the game itself. Attendees can expect to see live demonstrations, meet and greets with top players, and a range of other activities. Whether you are a hardcore Tekken fan or a casual observer, the Tekken World Tour 2023 is an event you won’t miss.

Tekken World Tour esports tournament

Valorant Champions Tour

The Valorant Champions Tour is a global eSports tournament series for the popular tactical first-person shooter game, Valorant. The tournament features the best teams from around the world, competing to become the world champion. In 2023, the Valorant Champions Tour will return between August 7th and 26th with even more action-packed matches and intense rivalries.

The 2023 Valorant Champions Tour promises to be the most exciting yet, with even more teams and a bigger prize pool than ever. The competition will be split into regional and international events, with the top teams from each region advancing to the grand finals.

The tournament will be an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and strategies and for fans to witness some of the best Valorant gameplay in the world. The Valorant Champions Tour also provides a platform for rising stars to make a name for themselves and potentially land contracts with professional teams.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 is an event that every Valorant fan should have on their calendar. The esports tournament promises to be a thrilling experience, with the world’s best teams competing for glory on the global stage.


2023 is packed with a concoction of eSports games from different niches. You can support your favourite teams in other esports tournaments aired on various platforms. To add adrenaline to these games, check out popular eSports betting sites and wager on famous betting lines.

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