The latest gaming mouse from Sandberg, the Destroyer FlexWeight Mouse, offers something as extraordinary as the possibility to adjust the weight of the mouse.

There are now many types of mouse on the market where the functions of the buttons, resolution of the mouse, reaction rate and much more can be adjusted. Even the weight of the mouse can now be adapted to the needs of the individual gamer. There is simply a small chamber under the mouse where small weights can be removed or added, which means that the weight of the mouse can be perfectly matched to the individual game.

Erling Hoff Petersen, Sales Director at Sandberg A/S, explains:

eSport and gaming equipment has reached heights where even very small margins can count. Our new Destroyer mouse has an amazingly good grip, allowing it to lie really well in the hand. The variable weight provides an additional opportunity for the mouse to be adapted to the individual gamer, thus gaining yet another advantage during games.

In addition to the variable weight and good grip, the new gaming mouse offers a high DPI resolution (which of course can be varied too), a host of buttons and multi-coloured LED lights.

The Sandberg Destroyer Flexweight Mouse is on its way out to both physical and web stores right now.

Destroyer FlexWeight Mouse

Sandberg Destroyer FlexWeight Mouse gif showing the device boxed and unboxed, as well as the weight compartment open.
  • Item no.: 640-19
  • RRP incl. VAT: £27.99
  • USB interface
  • USB cable: 1.5 metres
  • Up to 4000 DPI switchable (800, 1200, 3200, 4000)
  • Multi-colour LED lights
  • 9 buttons
  • Key life: 5 million
  • 5 x built-in changeable weights (5g each)
  • Mouse weight without changeable weights: 139g

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