Multiversus: The game’s best characters

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The main issue about new game releases that come out is their uniqueness. If a game introduces many new elements to discover it becomes interesting and at the same time can sometimes become difficult to play. Multiversus is a game in which its developers managed to find a good balance by using the elements of gameplay people are familiar with from titles such as Smash Bros. Ultimate, presenting them in a way that requires patience and a little investigation to get the full experience out of it.

One thing that initially drew gamers into the game was the novelty that they presented so many popular and favourite characters from cartoon TV shows and movies. However, with such a large choice of characters available, it has left its users arguing about which characters are the best. When faced with that question though, Mobalytics decided to set out to find the best character in Multiversus. But how have they done it?

Multiversus: A Little more about the game

Multiversus is a new game that was launched for various platforms in July 2022 that we have already covered in our Smash or Pass opinion piece. It is a crossover platformer, where players have battles in both 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 modes. Each variation has its advantages and inconveniences to experience, but both are developed thoroughly. The main highlight is the variety of popular characters present in the game. Here you will find dear old Looney Tunes characters as well as Tom and Jerry, superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman, and a bunch of other familiar characters. 

All of the characters are well-known throughout the game as they are the main or bright secondary heroes in popular media pieces like Adventure Time or Game of Thrones. Many people may wonder how the developers gathered so many popular and favourite characters in one setting and balanced the powers between superheroes and cartoon characters, and they’ve done it incredibly well by making the gameplay smooth and not making one particular character too OP that it wipes out the rest of the competition with ease.

Multiversus - Game modes

However, despite how well the developers completed the task successfully without any major issues, there is evidence to suggest some characters are better than others. Which is what we’ll look at now:

Mobalytics tier list of Multiversus’ best characters

To clarify how to start playing this character-crowded game, the Mobalytics source has made a tier list that gives the estimation of how the powers of characters divide. This tier list contains three aspects to consider:

  • The most significant point – is the division into tiers (which characters are better, and which are worse). It gives the general vision of how to perceive some characters that are considered the least perspective as of patch 1.01. 
  • Additional aspect – the function of a character (or the nature of his abilities, or the characters’ classes). It defines which moves are stronger, and which role the character holds better in team battles.
  • Another point to keep in mind – is the complexity of mastering. How hard it is to handle the operation of some character if you start your first game and choose a hero to play. 

These criteria determine the general rate that the characters have in Multiversus. But the crucial point is that nothing in this regard has the final word.

Mobalytics Multiversus Tier List of game characters from best to worst
Source: Mobalytics

The benefits and disadvantages of using this tier list to pick your character

Whether it is a tier list presented by Mobalytics, or by any other source, there are two controversial visions, according to which these Multiversus ratings can be helpful or trash. You can read them for use before you first play the game to help you avoid difficult situations and unpleasant experiences. In other words, by using a tier list, you can sometimes find it easier picking a game up for the first time.

But there’s no sense in using the tier lists for deep analysis – everything depends on your manner of playing, and the more unique style you have, the more unexpected ways of development you can invent. So whilst Taz may be bottom of this list, you may find him to personally be the best character to suit you.

Multiversus is a curious game to explore, as it is modern enough to attract attention and offer some new visions, but it uses the motives old as gold. Learn more about the game with Mobalytics and use your chance to enhance the gameplay here and now!

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