Multiversus – Smash or Pass?

by Ben Kirby
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Multiversus has been out a few weeks now. A free-to-play Smash Bros.-style brawler, with Warner Brothers, licencing. It’s a tough sell to fans of the Nintendo series, but something more accessible to owners of other platforms, with familiar faces. So is it worth checking out?

If you don’t have access to Smash Bros. Multiversus is definitely an option. Missing a lot of the charm and finesse of the more established series, I think it’s a decent effort, and with enough support and community, it may well become a genuine competitor.

Right now, it doesn’t do much for me, but it looks like people are taking to it. Multiversus ain’t no Smash, but it’s an actual contender in a very limited space. Good for them

Multiversus - Game modes

The comparisons

Ok, let’s get the comparisons over with before we look at what Multiversus is doing differently.

Pick from a roster of well-known characters. Each with unique moves, brawl on a stage with limited space and try to knock each other off.

That’s pretty much where it stops. For better or for worse, Mutliversus is actually doing things its own way. Sure, the stages and the pace of the fighting are largely there, but honestly, there’s plenty here that makes it unique.

The differences

I think the biggest difference, is the game types. Multiversus is limited, and honestly pretty tame. 4-player free for all is the most action you can get. It’s not frenetic or particularly exciting. It feels stunted by so little action taking place in any one match.

There are 2v2 teams and co-op vs AI. But it’s underwhelming and honestly, the moment-to-moment action isn’t enough to carry so few players. So yeah, it’s slow. That reflects in the movement and controls of the characters, too. Multiversus has the benefits of a varied roster and a huge amount of room for expansion. But damn, they all feel heavy and sluggish when comparing them to Smash Bros. where characters feel different and varied.

The movement feels like it needs work, even different characters aren’t landing for me yet. It’s a bit “off” and I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong. It isn’t “bad” necessarily, just feels a bit wrong.

Moves aren’t great either, although Multiversus has definitely put effort into making your attack options varied. That’s a credit to the developer Player First Games. Particularly when considering co-op options, and having support moves to work together and help your friends out.

The only other thing that I couldn’t quite gel with, was the lack of lives (stock). You’re still working on a damage percentage. With a higher-damaged character being easier to knock off the stage. But it’s all about how many people you knock off, as opposed to who survives the longest. That feels like a change for the sake of being different, if I’m honest. But it certainly did mess me up!

Multiversus operates with classes of characters, earned buffs and abilities, too. So it sets out to do its own thing, and as dull as it feels to me, it’s nice that there’s depth and an opportunity to improve your roster as you play more and more.

Multiversus - Roster

Good stuff

I’m being a bit down on Multiversus, but it comes from a good place. It feels a bit sluggish and the gameplay options are lacking. But I’ll be honest, for what it is, Multiversus does a good job. Especially for free!

The cast of characters is varied, and Warner has a huge amount of properties to draw from. There are classic cartoon characters, DC Comics heroes, modern cartoon heroes and even Arya Stark. It’s a lovely mix of characters from the wealth of IP Warners owns. No doubt this will increase over time, with rumours of Rick and Morty, Gremlins and Black Adam on the horizon.

Even early doors, Multiversus played well, ran well and the matchmaking was great. This was a lovely experience, despite the feel of gameplay. It’s a solid effort indeed!

All the characters have a lot to individually unlock and work towards which is great, too. Although that feels like a bit of a grind (free-to-play remember!).


Multiversus is fine. It’s not a Super Smash Bros. killer, it’s definitely the only title I can think of that gets into the space in any way near competition, and that’s absolutely worth some kudos.

It feels heavy and sluggish, but these are things that can change over time.

With a roster likely to increase for a long long time, and many platforms to play it on for no cost. Multiversus has a lot going for it that could give it longevity.

Is it worth a lot of time right now? No, I’ll pass. But I’ll be back in six months to see how it’s shaping up. I’ll write again then and stop with all the lazy Smash Bros. comparisons.

As of release, though. Multiversus is a solid 6 out of 10.

Multiversus - Arya

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