Is it imperative for Twitch Streamers to have a strong presence on YouTube?

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With more than seven million streamers posting on Twitch every month, it’s getting harder for newcomers to make an impression in the saturated market. That hasn’t quelled the common desire to make it big on the platform, however, as it’s common knowledge that some of the top content creators make as much as $1000 per minute based on Dot Esports’ research.

Anyone hoping to become one of the top streamers should not ignore the power of YouTube. There are more than 500 hours of content uploaded there every minute. Moreover, this is the most popular platform among Generation Z according to a study from ExpressVPN, making it the top place to gain attention.

Leveraging the power of YouTube is essential

A vast number of Twitch streamers think that spending hours on end broadcasting on the platform is the best way to get famous. Indeed, according to The Verge, there are thousands of streamers who spend most of their time without any viewers. A solid presence on the streaming service is essential, but this also needs to be supplemented with cross-promotion on other forms of social media.

Twitch users who want to make a career out of the platform need to attract people of all ages, but Generation Z will be the main market. Therefore, it’s wise to examine the research into where these people devote most of their time online. Based on ExpressVPN’s above-mentioned study, the two main platforms for this group are YouTube and Instagram. That means that Twitch streamers who want to attract this group should ensure that they are highly visible on these.

Along with spending a solid eight hours or so each day on Twitch, streamers should make sure that they are collating highlight reels of their playtime to use on YouTube. If people see them and enjoy the content, they are more likely to go and search for the streamer on Twitch.

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How do the best Twitch Streamers ensure that they keep producing content on multiple platforms?

The main drawback for Twitch streamers who never quite make the big time is that in the early days, it’s a lot of hard work. Ensuring that you’re producing content on YouTube and Instagram while maintaining a constant presence on Twitch can be exhausting. However, this workload could start to ease after a few years of solid output.

Once the best streamers have established themselves and attracted a high number of regular followers on Twitch, they start to outsource some of the tasks that they had to do in the early stages of their careers. This can come in the form of YouTube experts who create highlight reels of Twitch streams. They can use their expert knowledge to create attractive thumbnails and target the right keywords. These same people can also design alluring posts for streamers on Instagram that are aimed at the target audience.

All the research into the main audience for Twitch streamers suggests that it is essential for them to have a presence on YouTube in the modern age. When in doubt, it’s wise for newcomers to see what some of the best in the business have done. They can then follow their methods.

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