Two Horizons announce Best Mall Simulator

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Two Horizons will help you live that fantasy by announcing the next title to join its renovation series: Best Mall Simulator.

The title of King of Commerce can be yours!

In this project, you will see the same pattern you know from the studio’s other games, but with completely new challenges. The action takes place in a mall. In Best Mall Simulator, your mission goes beyond renovation to finding tenants, earning customers’ trust, developing your business by expansion, and organizing appealing events.

Getting the old mall back into shape by enhancing special zones, stores, storefronts, parking lots, and even bathrooms is just part of the gameplay. Obtaining lessees and regular customers will be a bigger challenge and are the most crucial aspect of your mall’s development in the game.

Best Mall Simulator abandoned mall artwork

In Best Mall, we want to bring some fresh touches to the gameplay. New mechanics and gameplay solutions – more than just renovation and interior design. We are also intent on creating more interactive gameplay where NPCs play a bigger part than merely filling space.

Jakub Wolff | CEO Two Horizons S.A.

From an empty stomach to a full wallet

After completing renovations and sprucing up the mall, when the retailers provide enough income, the player will have a chance to expand the building by adding new stories and zones, such as green areas around the facility for customers, additional parking spaces, and entertainment areas. That way, you can create more space for tenants and encourage customers to visit your mall more often and stay longer.

As in every mall, the food court is a key element. It will be the heart of the mall and one of the crucial areas to help customers enjoy their time spent. The game allows you to plan events, organize activities or concerts, and hire exotic chefs.

Jakub Wolff | CEO Two Horizons S.A.
Best Mall Simulator new mall complexartwork

Best Mall Simulator also offers random events to spice up the gameplay such as a lost child, a homeless person struggling with security, fire, or shoplifters hiding from security cameras.

A large, diverse, universally familiar area that you can arrange any way you want while running as a business owner will ensure engaging gameplay.

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Best Mall Simulator – Official Trailer

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