HDMI input on your computer

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We’re all familiar with an HDMI output, often standard on many computers. A new product from Sandberg can now provide an HDMI input, either from a USB or USB-C port.

And why would you need one?

You gain a wealth of new options. For example, you can use a video camera as a webcam for streaming and meetings. This HDMI input can handle 4K easily, and audio is included.

If you stream gaming, you can get the live screen from e.g. a PlayStation directly into your stream. Or simply enjoy getting the signal from your TV box shown in a window on your computer screen, enabling you to keep an eye on a football match while working in Excel, for instance. It’s also possible to digitise your old home video recordings using this new Sandberg product.

These new HDMI Capture Link units are already on their way onto the market. You can find more information on our website www.sandberg.world.

Sandberg HDMI Input Devices

Sandberg HDMI Input devices

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