Moving Out: Movers in Paradise review – Don’t forget the sunscreen

by VR Lars
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Movers in Paradise is a generous new DLC for Moving Out, the wacky couch-slinging co-op game published by Team17. With all the windows and televisions of Packmore thoroughly smashed, the moving company heads out on holiday to FART around in the sun.

Movers in Paradise is essentially more of the same – the frantic co-op game which holds the power to destroy basically any friendship for a moment is simply in a sunnier locale, with a bunch of new things to throw and hazards to avoid. The core game’s levels ran through a ton of themes, from haunted mansions to plays on classic games like Frogger, but this is an entire set of challenges based on a tropical island. Movers in Paradise adds 24 vibrant and varied new levels, four new movers (who can be played in the original levels) and a horde of thematically appropriate enemies and obstacles.

Packmore Island capitalises on Moving Out’s cutesy graphics perfectly – levels are explosions of varied colours and hilarious nonsense, usually much more complicated to navigate than the standard world. It’s a nice addition to the formula, expanding on it without deviating too far from what made it so popular. I’ve never sworn at a crab as much as I did playing Movers in Paradise, batting it back and forth as it scuttled away with my precious cargo. The tropical island theme works really well, and the developer’s creativity has really flourished in the level hazards and layouts.

With just a couple of people working in co-ordination, Movers in Paradise can become an almost rhythmic experience.

One of my favourite levels was dominated by geysers that worked as both obstacles and assists, sending characters and furniture tumbling gracelessly through the air. With just a couple of people working in co-ordination, Movers in Paradise can become an almost rhythmic experience, yelling instructions as you desperately pivot sofas through tight doorways, or lob vending machines through windows with immense satisfaction. Lots of party games have attempted to imitate Overcooked‘s trademark co-operative chaos, and I think Moving Out is the first one to really make its own mark. Movers in Paradise is an extension of that, sticking the game’s foundations in a blender to deliver new challenges.

Movers in Paradise

The developers are clearly passionate about making Moving Out the best it can be – it’s recently received a free update in the form of Moving In, which unsurprisingly flips the formula on its head and tasks players with putting all the furniture back where it’s supposed to be. The update reversed twelve of the game’s original levels, adding to an already fairly substantial title. Together with Movers in Paradise, that’s a hell of a lot of game to play for the money, and, for the most part, it’s all quality.

Movers in Paradise: A day in the sun, or a complete washout?

If you already enjoy Moving Out, Movers in Paradise is a fantastic addition to the core game. It both extends what’s already been established with the original levels and adds an insane gauntlet of new challenges to the mix. It’s fast, it’s frantic, it’s hilarious – you’ll be gutted when this holiday comes to an end, but if the quality of this first DLC is anything to go by, DeVM Games and SMG Studio probably have plenty of tricks up their sleeve for the future.

Movers in Paradise is out now – check out the Steam page here! Hungry for more game reviews? We’ve got you covered – and while you’re at it, why not check out our new Guilded community? Get involved with a relaxed community, contribute to interviews with game developers, and get in with the chance for free loot.

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