Gaming Challenge Marketplace Game Ventures Launches Beta

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Notable speedrunner Eric “Omnigamer” Koziel and business partner Kristopher Cost today announced that Game Ventures, a community-driven platform dedicated to challenging and expanding the idea of what’s possible in gaming through speed and challenge runs, has opened its official beta.

This beta opens up the Venture Board for public view, allowing users to view and track the available challenges. Users can also apply for a beta key which allows them to create a Game Ventures account, create new Ventures, and contribute monetary awards towards existing Ventures. These Ventures can be claimed by other users after the beta period ends and the site launches in June.

Users can apply for beta access via this form. As a special bonus, all contributions made during the beta period have renewal fees reduced by 75%. The beta phase is set to last approximately one month, so apply soon!

Game Ventures specs

Game Ventures takes the idea of accomplishment in video games and creates a unique, user-based marketplace where any gaming fan can create a monetary award for any incremental gaming goal. These goals include completing a game in the fastest time, achieving the highest score, and more. Users can create Ventures by specifying the goal and rules, then funding a monetary award towards its completion. Once the Venture is listed publicly, other Game Ventures users are able to add to the award and raise the stakes for competition. A small fee is added to each funding contribution to cover platform operational costs and development.

Prospective challengers can browse through available Ventures and awards that they’d like to pursue as well as track progress of the competition via Twitch streams. Once a credible claim is made on a Venture, the submitted video and other evidence is rigorously verified via public review. During this review, other competitors can submit new claims that exceed the current best time or score, which restarts the review period. This process places a large focus on community involvement and a fair, collaborative vetting process, which should ultimately lead to higher-quality submissions. 

To learn more about Game Ventures, including information on the latest Ventures, click here.

For even more news, click right HERE.

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