FUZE Technologies Ltd has announced that on February 1st, the price for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch – their learn to code platform for Nintendo Switch – will be as follows:

  • UK £12.99
  • EU €14.99
  • US $19.99

The new price

Since the release of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch the community of FUZE users has grown and the community platform, FUZE Arena has reached critical mass.

Jon Silvera, MD of FUZE states:

We’re really excited to lower the price to a level that is truly accessible to the broadest possible audience. F4NS is, at its core, an educational application designed to make learning to code as accessible as possible, and as such, a low price point was always planned.

FUZE Arena, the community portal

A new patch released in January added many new features to F4NS with undoubtedly the most important being open sharing. Whereas previously, projects could only be shared between friend IDs, now all projects can submitted to the FUZE Arena portal where they are given a unique code. The code can be entered in FUZE to download the project.

Projects are upvoted by users with the very best appearing in the FUZE Showcase for all to see. The FUZE Arena community portal provides an incredible resource for FUZE users. From tips from the pros to the complete online help, to regular Game Jams, video tutorials and competitions, it’s a haven for coders of all abilities and talents.

A key objective behind the development of F4NS was to ensure it is easy to learn for absolute beginners and yet powerful and flexible enough for advanced coders to show off their ‘1337’ coding skillz! The FUZE community have already proved this objective has been met as there are many incredible looking games and technical demos currently available and more are being added every day.

New FUZE4 features

The latest patch also adds many new functions and commands including powerful 3D functions like intersect collision, object grouping and extended environment commands exponentially expanding the 3D creative possibilities. In addition, 2D also sees many new Tile Map functions dramatically increasing the scope of 2D level maps meaning complex levels can be interacted with and controlled with ease.

FUZE Player

Within the next few months FUZE are planning to release, for free, a special version of FUZE called the FUZE Player. The player allows Nintendo Switch users to download and play FUZE projects for free. If your project has made the grade on FUZE Arena it will be available for the world to see.. and play!

The future of FUZE

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is just the beginning. Over the coming months, team FUZE will start working on new platforms with a plan to release these over the next 24 months.

With the latest new features and the new ‘very low’ price, the time to get involved is right here, right now!

For even more news, click right HERE. You can also check out a review of the software from our pal over at CodeWithMike, just click HERE to head on over.

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