Fortnite: Chapter 3

by Ben Kirby
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My first post for FullSync was actually about the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2.  That was an age ago (2 years!), and now Fortnite has done it again, with a whole new chapter to embark upon.

Before we get into what’s new though, let’s talk about how Epic Games closed out Chapter two with a bang! I have to say, it’s one of my first gaming experiences with my nephew and seeing him react to it, was something else. “The End” was advertised well in advance, with an in-game countdown timer always letting you know what was going to happen.

Unlike how Epic ended Chapter 1, leaving people in darkness. We found ourselves at sea…

Chapter 3 is incoming

The End

The Chapter 2 event saw us all join in to try and fight back the evil Cube Queen that had appeared in recent weeks.  She was sending hordes of enemies, then bigger ones, then it looked like everything was going to go south…..

Transitioning into a cutscene incredibly smoothly (let’s not forget this is a live online event with thousands of people engaged), we saw good old Jonesy awoken and ready to be tortured. Moments later, The Foundation interrupts to help out.

Worth noting that The Foundation has long been speculated as being Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That was correct! With the unmasking/reveal casually taking place as we carried on seeing Chapter 2 out.

Another transition into some gameplay, saw us running around after The Rock and seeing The Agents manage to stop the Queen. This came at a tipping point, though. The whole island looked ready to be destroyed. Instead, it was literally flipped over.

Chapter 2 ended with the players drifting at sea, and waiting for 18 hours before the new chapter began.

It was smooth, fun and a lovely example of what live-service games can be.  Say what you like about Fortnite. This is one well-oiled machine and it’s slick as hell.

Chapter 3

So now we’re at the dawn of a whole new era for Fortnite. Chapter 3.

Of course, that means a new battle pass, but this isn’t just a new season. A fresh chapter leads to big change.

We have a brand new map, new landmarks and some new places to explore.  This is always my favourite aspect, I love going to see what’s new and seeing what Epic has put together.

New mechanics like sliding, rope/web-slinging and even new items to help a whole squad.

Fortnite has always been about change.  Often mimicking competitors, sometimes improving upon the competition.  Chapter 3 is no exception, and I’m really pleased to be excited for Fortnite again.

Sure, we can spend more money on skins etc, but the core battle royals game is free and with this much innovation and continual change. It’s a fun experience to be a part of.

Weirdly, Spider-Man is a big part of the promo, and even what look to be characters from the Gears of War franchise (originally developed by Epic Games, to be fair!). It’s this hodge-podge of worlds and universes that helps it appeal to so many. Chapter 2 saw a Naruto event, and damnit, I had to buy a Kakashi Skin!!

More to come

I figure that as long as Fortnite is making money and stays popular ( I think we all thought it would be over by now!), we’ll see more world-changing events. Something that I hope other live-service games start to try out, too. I know Destiny has had a crack at it on a smaller scale, so why not others?

It’s free, it’s evolving and it’s fun. Chapter 3 looks to be no different, if anything, it looks to be the best iteration yet.  Sure, we can long for old maps and locales, but let’s embrace change.

I want to see my nephew buzzing off these changes, getting stuck into his first proper gaming experience.  All being well, he’ll carry me to a few victories whilst we pretend to be the responsible long-time gamer uncles and parents……

If you need me I’ll be sliding on my knees down hills, swinging around like Spider-Man and getting some sweet sweet Victory Royales. Come join me, Chapter 3 is here, and it’s good clean fun.

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