Battlefield 2042: 2 years on

by Ben Kirby
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Did you know it’s been almost 2 full years since my initial Battlefield 2042 review? Since then it’s come a long way, and last year we did a summary of changes.

Well, if you ask me, much like Halo Infinite, it’s in a much stronger place now.

People wax lyrical about the older titles, but I’ll be honest and say I think Battlefield 2042 is probably hitting all those same notes now. People just have long memories and strong rose-tinted glasses.

Anyway….we’ve seen the release of version 6.1.0 and it brought plenty with it. Damn, it really is in a good spot right now.

Here’s what’s recently been happening.

Battlefield 2042 - Squad

Battlefield 2042 updates

Dark protocol event

The “Dark Protocol,” our latest Limited Time Event ran from October 31 to November 14. Delivering intense, close-quarters combat with a twist, where surprises await at every turn.

It was fun, but 12 v 12 isn’t what Battlefield is about, so it wasn’t ticking all the boxes. Still, a change is as good as a rest, right?

On the plus side, and the community seems to agree……the cosmetics that were released as a part of the event were really cool and the theming was excellent!

Key enhancements

  1. Improved end-of-round screen: The update introduces a revamped end-of-round screen, spotlighting the top squad and their main vehicle. Your squad’s contributions are also more prominently featured.
  2. EMKV90-TOR improvements: Following the changes in Update 6.0, this update further refines the EMKV90-TOR’s capabilities, especially for close-range combat, with new weapon options and vehicle loadout adjustments.

AI and general updates

  • Fixed camera snapping issues in open vehicle seats.
  • Corrected voice line errors during Specialist changes.
  • Addressed vehicle deploy glitches and audio inconsistencies with sniper rifles.
Battlefield 2042 Tornado during gameplay

Map and mode adjustments

  • Redacted Map: Balanced Flag A capture conditions and resolved clipping and player trapping issues.
  • Breakaway: Enhanced fire effects around silos.
  • Valparaiso: Made trees destructible by Air Vehicles.

Gadget & specialist tweaks

  • Addressed EOD Bot glitches and Specialist climbing issues.
  • Modified Paik’s EMG-X Scanner interactions with certain vehicles.
  • Enhanced explosion handling near smoke.

Vehicle enhancements

  • Jets now have increased first-person free-look sensitivity.
  • Light Air Vehicles are now vulnerable to standard bullets.
  • Tweaked the Guided Shell mechanism in Portal tanks.
  • Adjusted tank climbing abilities and passenger perspectives in UH-60 (BF3).

Weapon improvements

  • Numerous fixes and adjustments, including the Ghostmaker R10, Avancys, and AEK-971.
  • Updated various weapon UI elements and animations.
  • Improved the handling and effects of Subsonic Ammo and attachments.
Battlefield 2042 jumping back in

All in all, how is Battlefield 2042 holding up?

Battlefield 2042 is trying new things and whilst it doesn’t always work for me personally, the core modes, new maps and changes to specialists and roles have seen me more than happy with the state of play in 2023.

As a guy who grew up on some of the core shooters of the Xbox 360 Generation, Battlefield, Halo and Call of Duty occupy a lot of space in my heart and I love to see when they’re firing on all cylinders.

Halo Infinite is another gem that’s just a pleasure, and still “feels” like a Halo game.

Alas, it looks like Modern Warfare III might be letting the side down, but after a successful reboot with Modern Warfare and then Modern Warfare 2, I guess it was a matter of time.

Battlefield 2042 is in a really good spot now, and so long as it continues to be supported and developed, I really hope the community come to rally around it.

It’s even going for a steal in the Steam sale that’s currently running. A real bargain at £7.99

If you’ve held off on Battlefield 2042 and you’re worried that it might have died off now, you’re in for a surprise and a genuine treat. Give it a bash!

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