Drink More Glurp review: The perfect brew

by MaddOx
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I first encountered Drink More Glurp when we paid a visit to the Insomnia Gaming Festival. It was in the indie section, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but there was an opportunity to win a Gold Medal and I was all over that like a bad rash. Safe to say, I didn’t really know what I was doing but I beat the other FULLSYNC members and earned that medal, plus a can of the not-so-famous Glurp drink itself. The drink left a bad taste in my mouth. The game though, did not.

Drink More Glurp is a party game developed by Catastrophic Overload and now published by Yogscast Games, it didn’t have a publisher back when we first played it at i65. The idea behind the game was a group of Aliens had visited Earth and loved watching the Olympics, and wanted to recreate that on their home planet. Sadly the moral behind what the Olympics stood for wasn’t quite understood, and instead, marketing and advertisements through sponsorships were their main goal.

That focus in Drink More Glurp’s backstory, whilst being on sponsorships, doesn’t mean the Aliens have forgotten about the events. They try to copy as best they can what they saw on Earth, having events like long jump and the hurdles, but when you’re a little round blob with arms, it can be difficult. But what it does do is cause fits of laughter amongst friends as you all sit down to compete with one another, watching your competitors struggle event after event. And in the end, it’s whoever sucks least that wins.

Where the sponsorships come into Drink More Glurp is during events. Certain brands would sponsor an event for example, with the results being you may experience special abilities, like having super muscley arms. These can sometimes help you, but also hinder you at the same time. But what is guaranteed is more hilarity will ensue as you all struggle to adapt and complete the challenges set before you.

Drink More Glurp Sponsored By screenshot

Whilst the main focus of Drink More Glurp is on a multiplayer party game, which you only need one controller for, by the way, BONUS! You can play by yourself too, in order to sharpen your skills. And far from just competing in the normal events, there are a variety of different games available, each testing you to see if you can beat the Gold Medal times.

Something that seems quite impossible when you’re playing for the first time. But like I say, it’s not just standard events, you get all-new tracks to make your way along, having to climb hills and fall down steep slopes, with the help of rocket arms if you’re lucky enough.

Once you’ve honed your skills, or at least stopped sucking as much as you did when you started playing Drink More Glurp, you’re ready to take on friends in Multiplayer Mode. You can select the number of rounds you want to play and which events you’d like or allow it to select random ones instead. You then play earning points for your placement in each event until a winner is crowned at the end. Unless, like me, you’re a sore loser and keep adding an extra event at the end saying things like “Just one more? Winner takes all!”. Eventually, I did win, after several events and a little sabotage.

Drink More Glurp event gameplay

The controls can be a little hectic at times, and hard to get used too, as you’re twiddling one analogue stick one way, and the other in the opposite direction, whilst trying to do both in time with one another. But after a while you do get to grips with them. And gripping is another thing you’ll have to learn as you compete in events like a long throw, having to launch an object as far as you can.

This is something I really struggled with and still do. It’d have been nice actually at first playing to get a rundown of the event and how you’re supposed to complete each one. But, I guess not knowing is part of the fun, and the mayhem intended to be caused.

Moving on to graphics and audio of Drink More Glurp, it’s all pretty simple. The tunes are melodic and work well with the style of the game, which is quite basic in design. Despite being basic though, it actually adds to the game’s charm, similar to how the designs of Fall Guys is kept so minimalistic, yet quite admirable. It’s games like these that prove you don’t need to have millions to spend on all this 4K realistic imagery, as long as you have a really fun game. Because that’s all that matters in the end.

Drink More Glurp overall thoughts?

Overall, this is one great party game that is perfect for playing with friends or family, drunk or sober. It’s not the easiest to master, but watching loved ones suffer just like you, will bring you hours of fun and laughter. And who knows, maybe you’ll suck the least and get lucky on a few events to take home the gold. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something to play that’s both fun and competitive on game night.

Drink More Glurp is developed by Catastrophic Overload and published by Yogscast Games. It is available to play now on PC and Switch. For more reviews, click right HERE.

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