Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing CS:GO In 2021

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Finding the highest quality shooter game has become a sweet torment. Everywhere you look, companies are coming up with new games, each more graphically jaw-dropping than the next. Consequently, choosing one or several games is incomparably more challenging today than it was, say, a decade ago. The market’s oversaturation has both positive and negative aspects, but playing CS:GO as the genre’s progenitor never goes out of fashion.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive premiered in 2012 intending to reconcile CS: Source and CS 1.6 players. Its mission was a success, and it quickly became the first-person shooter game to continue its glorious legacy. However, difficulties were in store on every corner. Nowadays, there is talk about the game slowly dying out and losing its audience to similar titles like Valorant. But, there are still numerous reasons to engage in CS:GO despite its maturity. Let’s check out some of these reasons below.

Playing CS:GO In 2021: Why It’s Still An Excellent Idea

You probably know that originality has no substitute, which is the case with this legendary title. After Counter-Strike came into the scene, games copying its original idea and setup started raining down by the dozens. However, despite their improved graphics, attractive skins, and other content, few games managed to become similarly iconic. 

Due to the persevering popularity of this legendary game, a betting market has grown, focusing on popular eSports. Other games you can wager on include DotA 2 and League of Legends, but CS:GO remains unwavering on its throne. Getting well-informed before placing your bet is crucial even in traditional sports betting, and especially when it comes to eSports. Therefore, here are the top reasons why playing CS:GO is a great idea even in 2021 (and beyond):

  • Straightforward gaming
  • Extremely entertaining
  • Undemanding requirements
  • Globally widespread community
  • Available in free-to-play.
CS:GO gameplay

Straightforward Gaming

Playing this legendary game is effortless and intuitive, which is also among the top reasons to consider it. CS:GO features a relatively flat learning curve thanks to logical controls and a learning time measured in seconds. 

Getting the hang of different available weapons requires several rounds, and mastering the maps is equally quick. You can also adjust to using the best weapon for each map, which involves a degree of personal preference. Among this game’s best features is that it also includes an FAQ page. If you ever need additional answers and no one to turn to, this resource could prove invaluable.

In other words, you should have no trouble getting into playing CS:GO if you’ve played first-person shooter games before. Additionally, you’ll mostly play as a part of relatively small teams of between two and six people, making managing easy. Simultaneously, despite the availability of numerous maps, players tend to repeat half a dozen over and over, helping you get your bearings more quickly.

You may need a round or two to find your way around, but that’s part of the fun. The more you play, the more you’ll inadvertently practice and become better. However, CS:GO requires you to practice shooting as this aspect of the game acts as the great equalizer. The gaming action will become more intense as your shooting skills progress, which always accounts for more fun.

Extremely Entertaining

The CS franchise is famous worldwide as one of the most straightforward yet most thrilling first-person shooters in video gaming history. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a natural evolution of the first game and one that’s just as entertaining. Unlike the original title, CS:GO focuses more on multiplayer action and tournaments. Whether you are a spectator or player, you can choose between virtually countless different contests, events, and competitions around the globe.

For example, ESL One: Cologne is one of the best events to attend, with RFRSH and ESL generally organizing the highest-level competitions in the pro-circuit. These competitions bring together some of the most skilled professional players from the world over. Consequently, the level of skill spectators witness in each event is mind-boggling and, at times, too unreal to believe. When looking to improve your skills and work out new strategies, we recommend following these pro-level eSports contests.

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Undemanding Requirements

When it comes to the top reasons for playing CS:GO, this game excels where other titles generally lose audiences. The industry’s general rule is that the newer the game, the more advanced the hardware it requires. However, because CS:GO is almost a decade old, you won’t need a beastly machine to enjoy its benefits.

Gaming on a budget is the harsh reality for millions of enthusiasts worldwide, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive solves this problem. The minimum hardware and software requirements you need for this game include an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600/AMD Phenom X3 8750, 2 GB Ram, 15 GB HDD, 256 MB or higher GPU, Windows 7, Vista (even XP!), and DirectX 9 compatibility. That’s it!

Globally Widespread Community

Stalled communities are one of the most impactful downsides of countless otherwise excellent shooter titles. However, CS:GO stands proud as one of the internet’s most active communities for almost a decade. You won’t need to deal with long queues or boring matches against the same people. Instead, this title focuses on every individual player’s top gaming experience every time they decide to play.

Consequently, you can exchange equipment with fellow gamers, learn new skills and hacks, improve your shooting, understand the benefits of new strategies, etc. 

Available In Free-To-Play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s transition into a free-to-play availability caused one of the most legendary uproars in Steam’s history. However, the move turned out to be one of Valve’s most excellent business decisions because it increased the player count dizzyingly. The best part is that the company’s battle royale – Danger Zone – is also available for free.

Accessing this mode is effortless and only requires logging into your steam account. From there, you’ll see your files automatically updating on Steam along with the new mode. Consequently, playing CS:GO and Danger Zone is an excellent way to get the most out of the game without first paying for it.

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