Blackjack – Busting the most common myths

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Blackjack is a very popular card game. It gathers a lot of people around its tables in real casinos, ready to spend a lot of time playing. It requires concentration, memorization and self-control amidst a whirlwind of intense emotions. In general, it’s one of the most interesting games in casinos. But there are many myths about it, which often prevent the game from being a joy to play.

You have to be able to count cards

People often think that you can only win at blackjack games by counting cards. But you can also win the game just by chance, which is how the game was originally designed to be played. We doubt whoever created blackjack had it in their mind for anyone to build strategies to beat the system. Nevertheless, card counting is the main strategy used, but it’s far from the only winning strategy that works. It’s just that the others are much less well known and somewhat less effective.

Another myth around counting cards is you have to be an expert mathematician. But that’s not the case at all. The counting procedure is simple and primitive; anyone can learn to do it. Some people practice by counting all the cards as they come out of the shuffle, or even the trees on the road on their way to work. The result is simply an automatic counting skill that immediately tells the player when to raise the bets to win.

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You can’t win at online blackjack

You can’t win at blackjack if you’re playing on an emulator in an online casino such as However, that myth is only semi-true. The emulator is completely the same thing, the only difference is that cards are mixed by the software program and not the croupier. Although they are mixed every game on emulators, whereas with live dealers they use multiple decks and normally reshuffle them all after about 75% of the deck has been used. This means you’re not able to really count cards using an emulator.

But many casinos now use automatic shufflers so many operate in the same way now, and so there are nor real noticeable differences in the online version of the blackjack game. But as we say, you also may try online blackjack with live dealers, where if you think it’ll help you win, you will be able to “read” the croupier, guessing what cards he’s holding, and therefore increase your chances of winning more often just like in conventional casinos.

It takes too long to learn

Blackjack takes a long time to learn. Also, not entirely true, because the operators for the casino are not taught before starting work on their own for three years, but a week at most – and they need to learn ALL the games that are in the casino in order to beat the players. Although they normally have more strict rules to follow than the rest of the players at the table, like not being able to stick on anything below 17.

You can win millions in one evening

You might hear people say you can win a million in an evening at blackjack. That’s false. At poker, yes, probably because there tends to be bigger prize pools in tournaments with sponsorships and all sorts. But not blackjack. The game mechanics of the blackjack are “slower” and you’re normally restricted to a maximum bet value, so unless you’re in a high-flying casino for millionaires in Monte Carlo or somewhere similar, you’re not going to become a millionaire over night. Still, you can win a fair amount if lady luck is on your side.

It’s the most addictive gambling game

Blackjack is more addictive than any other gambling game. Not at all. It is a more intellectual game that takes a matter of skill to play successfully. It allows the player to make more rational decisions because you can judge what is on the table at the time, the likeliness of what you need and the chances of getting it. It’s therefore less addictive than roulette for example, because what tends to get people addicted is the risk of chance, and what bigger chance have you got than guessing where a metal ball lands on a wheel, hence why the odds are much higher on roulette.

Myths busted

So there you have it, just a few myths busted about the popular card game of blackjack. Are there any tips or tricks you use yourself to help ensure you come out on top against the casinos? Then let us know in the comments below, although, maybe giving away your secrets wouldn’t be best. Just email me instead, I’ll keep it secret for you.

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