The Cat-Action RPG Catopia Invites More Players to Save the Kingdom! 

Welcome to Catopia! It’s a fantasy world full of adorable cat citizens. Unfortunately, trouble has surfaced and Catopia needs heroes! A powerful sorcerer has attacked Catopia and stolen away their leader, Prince Zektor, who has been brainwashed with a strange helmet. With villagers captured and scattered throughout the realms, the only one left is Prince Leon who must mature quickly into a leader. 

Fight monsters, rebuild the kingdom, and create a team of cute but capable cats in Catopia: Rush an engaging Cat-Action RPG on Android and iOS. The game has already been available in many regions but with the 1.0.0 update on June 2nd, the game will be available globally with additional language support. We are excited to share our game with more players! 

While many of the updates have focused on improving the game’s performance on several devices, we do have a slew of features that will be added. Six chapters of dungeon-crawling will be available but we’ve also crafted a Hard Mode for Chapter 1 that will further test players’ skill. We’ll also be adding Boxer Roy, who can be earned first through the Super Pass. Each Super Pass will add a new character that will be later added to the general summon pool, as well as daily gems, double rewards when clearing levels, and more!

A lot of our players have been asking for a Player vs Player mode and we have been experimenting with the best ways to do that. While we determine exactly what PVP in Catopia: Rush will become, we’ve added a friendly match feature. Friendly Match can be found by exploring the Ranking menu and selecting a name from the leaderboards; clicking a name opens up a menu to challenge that player’s team. Battle against AI-controlled teams for fun and bragging rights! We’re also hoping to get a lot of feedback on multiplayer so we encourage players to connect with us through email or our social media channels. 

Prior to the global launch, we also want to highlight the tremendous support we’ve received from our players so far. We have gotten awesome feedback, fanart, articles, videos, and more; we feel that this community is shaping into a kind, welcoming group. We have seen over 200k installs on Google Play alone. 



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