How to pick your own BTC gambling game

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Crypto or BTC gambling is represented by many different card games, table games, and others. There is something for each gambling palette, and not only in terms of enjoyment. Some of these games are more suited for making a profit, while others are entertaining and risky but not very profitable overall.

It may seem unreasonable to gamble crypto like BTC and ETH away in hopes of profit, but a good BTC gambling game is actually just as legitimate for earning crypto as mining or investing. You essentially combine fun (if you find this fun) with moneymaking. Depending on what you crave more – money or excitement – there are many game options for you. 


It’s perfectly possible to both have fun and earn money off these games at the same time and to the degree you want. Some games are just more finely tuned to produce dopamine for you, while others give you more control of your actions to exploit some aspects of the game to earn money.

It’s somewhat hard to earn money from gambling reliably. All you can do is stop yourself from wasting more when you have a long enough winning streak. You can apply such a money-saving routine to all of these games if earning crypto is what you’re looking for.

Generally speaking, chance makes for a bad investment tool. That’s fine to risk your assets, but you’ll want to decrease the danger at least somewhat if you’re into investing. If you’re here more to have fun and spend your coin, then the chance is, on the contrary, your best friend.

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BTC Gambling for Fun

If you consider playing for fun more than for-profit, consider playing slots, roulette or dice.

Slots are outstanding because there’s always a chance to win at least something, because of the many different winning combinations. Roulette is a mesmerising sight, and you can never predict where your bet lands. And dice are just pure chance and not much else.

These free provide a good source of excitement for a sudden win, while also offering a chance to preserve your winnings. Either way, games, where you roll dice or slots, can still be played with some logic. Strategies like Martingale are used to bounce back after a loss, while Paroli gives you a solid strategy to preserve money after a winning streak.

There are more strategies like that. They essentially let you play these games consciously, which is still good even if you don’t care as much for profits. You’ll still need money to continue playing these games, and these strategies are very likely to work out for you compared to playing willy-nilly. 

BTC Gambling for Profits

There is generally one game where you can use at least some logic and minimise your losses in the process, poker.

Card games in general give you more leeway in decision-making. With poker, in particular, you can always fold if you don’t think your hand is good enough. You’ll lose some money, but you’ll save a lot more from potential loss. You can just keep folding until you have a good hand and take your chance.

You’ll still be liable to risk because even with the best hand there’s a chance your opponents have it even better. But at least you are partially in control, you can be logical about your actions and you can have fun. Mining and investing BTC isn’t nearly as fun, even if they are safer.

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