Avicii was a world-famous DJ who unfortunately passed away in April 2018, with Avicii Invector being created in collaboration with him before his death. And the game was both beautiful and exciting to play.

As the rhythm-based game genre becomes more popular, this game is something a little bit new. As an avid Beat Saber fan, I have spent so many hours dancing along to music with my heart set on getting the highest scores. This game isn’t the new Beat Saber, but definitely a whole new feel of game on its own.

As you load the game up, you are instantly thrown in and I’ll be honest, it was all very unexpected. You are in control of a spaceship, there’s very loud music playing that you are unlikely to recognise unless you’re a massive Avicii fan, and the game explains to press certain buttons on your controller in time of the beat. The spaceship is on sort of a long runway, and I truly didn’t know if this was the actual game or the tutorial as I hadn’t seen a menu just yet.

When you have completed the first song, the most random cinematic animation is played.. some random alien girl talking to you and it threw me off so much I can’t even remember what she said. Now I absolutely love rhythm games, I still love Guitar Hero to this day. But this game is so intense straight away that it’s hard to find the flow to get into it.

When you remember it’s a game based around Avicii, you want to listen to some of the artist’s songs so you can sing along and relax a little bit. Unfortunately, the first 4 songs in easy mode on single-player are songs I have never heard of. So I was easily getting bored and impatient before I could truly give the game a chance. I decided to be less picky, and chose the next song and put all my focus into getting a good score.

The game is truly beautiful, they have spent a lot of time making sure the game is bright and satisfying to hit every note and I started to appreciate this the more I played. I particularly enjoy when the ship has to be flown through the rings in the sky, as this keeps you focused rather than falling asleep pressing the same 3 buttons over and over again.

Avicii Invector doesn’t disappoint once you’ve played through the first 8 songs, as you unlock next stages and find the more popular Avicii tracks that you can sing and dance along to.

I do love the option of multiplayer. It gives the chance for you to show off your skills and beat a family member or friend on the same console. This reminded me of back in the day with PlayStation 1 games and although I do like they have added this option in. I would also love to see online multiplayer, as I would probably play that more than the solo mode.

Avicii Invector TL;DR:

  • The game is very random and not explained well, like at all;
  • Music is good but you may not know many of the songs unless you’re a big Avicii fan;
  • Graphically the game is beautiful, even if it is a bizarre setting for a rhythm-based game;
  • Multiplayer is a good add on but sucks that online isn’t an option.


Avicii Invector is developed by HELLO THERE GAMES and published by Wired Productions. The game was released 10 December 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a Switch release date due later in 2020. For even more game reviews, click right HERE.

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