AGON by AOC launches AG405UXC: The game-changing 40″ ultra-wide gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate

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AGON by AOC, the globally acknowledged brand for high-performance gaming monitors and IT accessories, is revolutionizing the gaming world with its latest release – the AGON AG405UXC. Set to launch in June 2023, the groundbreaking 40-inch flat ultra-wide gaming monitor promises to redefine the parameters of gaming immersion and offer an unparalleled experience to gamers worldwide.

What does the AGON AG405UXC offer?

Featuring a superior ultra-wide 21:9 IPS panel, the AG405UXC offers a generous 40-inch display, providing an enveloping gaming atmosphere that fully immerses the player. With a crisp UWQHD resolution of 3440×1440, players can enjoy sharp, highly detailed graphics that will enhance their gaming exploits. The AG405UXC’s 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms MPRT response time ensure fast, fluid, and responsive gameplay, guaranteeing no moment of action is missed.

AGON AG405UXC gaming monitor front view

While the AG405UXC is perfect for all genres of gaming, strategy, simulation, and role-playing game enthusiasts will find the extra screen space particularly advantageous. Complex interfaces and extensive environments are more easily navigable, thanks to the wider view provided by the ultra-wide display. This monitor is designed to heighten immersion and provide a competitive edge, allowing gamers to view more of their game world without needing to pan or scroll.

The audience

For content creators and streamers, the AG405UXC is a valuable companion. The additional horizontal space facilitates the inclusion of chat windows, streaming software, and the ability to view complete timelines during video editing. This feature promises to elevate the content creation process by making it easier and more convenient.

AGON AG405UXC gaming monitor side view

AOC’s intuitive G-Menu software is integrated within the AG405UXC, offering easy customization of monitor settings. This includes colour, overdrive, and gaming-specific features such as Shadow Control, Low Blue Mode, Dial Point, and Frame Counter. In addition, the AG405UXC supports settings for low input lag and Adaptive-Sync, ensuring a tear-free, stutter-free, and responsive gaming experience.

Beyond its performance, the AG405UXC impresses with its ergonomics and connectivity features. Its versatile stand allows a wide range of tilt, swivel, and 150mm height adjustments to ensure maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. Equipped with a USB-C port capable of 90W power delivery, a USB hub for easy peripheral connections, and built-in speakers for rich audio, this gaming monitor provides all the essentials and more.

AGON AG405UXC gaming monitor back view

Retailing at £569.99 MSRP, the AG405UXC is not just a monitor but an investment into the future of gaming. This release sees AGON by AOC pushing the boundaries of what we consider immersive gaming. With its 40-inch display, ultra-wide format, and high-performance features, the AG405UXC is set to stand as a testament to AGON by AOC’s commitment to innovation and quality.

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