9 Cool Cosplayer Gift Ideas For Your Friends

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Whilst not all cosplayers are gamers or gamers cosplayers, there is a popular correlation between the two with many of the outfits that cosplayers design and create inspired by their favourite video game characters. You’ll find cosplayers on various digital platforms where you can follow and support them with donations, and you can also see them in person at events such as the Insomnia Gaming Festival in the UK, which has its own cosplayer contest.

As mentioned, one way you can support cosplayers whether they’re your friend or not is through donations and gifts. Giving a gift to someone would always be a nice gesture as you show appreciation and let them feel how much you value them. While you can quickly grab one at the store and put it inside a bag, it would be nice if you could put some thought into it by ensuring that the gift would be something they can use.  

The best way you can put more heart into your gift is by finding out what are the things that they like and what makes them happy. If your friend is a cosplayer, you’d have plenty of gift options as the possibilities are endless. Not only can you make them happy, but you can also help improve their cosplaying game and win competitions.

To help you out, listed below are some cool gift ideas for your cosplayer friend:  

1 – Buy a Combat Lightsaber Online

For Star Wars fans who want to battle it out like their favourite characters, you can buy combat-ready lightsabers online from Galaxy Sabers.

With this kind of lightsaber, you can ensure that they’ll achieve a realistic Star Wars effect and be able to make their costume stand out from the crowd. One of the highlights when cosplaying this type of character is how good and realistic your lightsaber would be. The better material you could use that’ll help make it look like you stole them from the set, the stronger the impact will be.

NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers
NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers

2 – Sewing Machine

Most cosplayers design their own costumes rather than purchasing them. This way, they can be in control of the intricate details, which store-bought costumes might fail to do. This can also ensure that their costume would fit their body perfectly and allow them to move comfortably when they put it on.

To help your cosplayer friend have a more comfortable costume-making process, you should consider giving them a sewing machine. With a professional machine, they can craft the best-looking costumes as it can handle various materials and provide them with top-notch results.

3 – Makeup Set

A cosplay would never be complete without makeup as it helps them replicate their character’s look. However, looking for the perfect makeup can be challenging as you must be generous with colours. This usually involves a wide range of hues, as sci-fi characters use bright and striking colour schemes.

To help your friend achieve their character’s look and ensure that they’ll last longer, you should give them a high-quality makeup set that includes a wide range of colours and shades. This can be your eyeshadow, lipstick, or even a contour set. 

4 – Game-Inspired Storage Boxes

If you visit a cosplayer’s room, you might be surprised by how many things they keep inside. A single costume can be bulky, especially if the character is wearing a huge outfit. While they can easily hang them inside their room, it would be nice if you could help to make everything look organized.

To help your friend store their costumes, you should give them storage boxes and allow them to keep them and make their room look organized and well-kept. For a geeky touch, you might look for game-inspired storage boxes, such as a block or pixelated art, and allow the boxes to add character to their room. 

Beautiful yandere girl cosplayer with purple hair and 80s tracksuit hold heart shape gift box on gray background

5 – Leather Kit

When creating costumes for characters, you don’t just use fabric but also try to be creative with leather. This can help their costumes to gain definition and make things more realistic. You may give them a leather kit to help them achieve a better output for their creations.

With this, they have all the tools they need, which enables them to craft the perfect jacket, belt, or anything that uses leather. This also helps them save costs because buying tools individually can be pretty expensive, especially if they’re extra meticulous with how they want their costumes to look.

6 – Jewellery Making Set

Most cosplay characters wear specific jewellery to help their outfit look more fashionable and distinct from the rest of the crowd. But since they’re fiction, it might be hard to look for the exact piece on the market.

To help your friend achieve a similar costume for their character, you might consider giving them a jewellery-making set. This way, they can easily craft their pieces and guarantee they’ll match what they’re trying to emulate. It could also help them sharpen their creative skills and create unique jewellery sets that they’ll surely enjoy.

7 – Airbrush And Paints

To achieve the perfect look when creating costumes, you might need to manipulate its existing colours by adding a touch of the actual colour. But since not every colour is readily available on the market, adding your own colour would be preferable.

To allow for a seamless and effortless touch-up, you might consider giving your friend an airbrush machine with a complete paint set. While it might be a bit pricey, your friend will undoubtedly appreciate it because it will help maximize the aesthetic of their costume.

Naruto Cosplay at an event
Photo by Donald Tong – Source: Pexels

8 – Tutorial Books

If your friend is still new to cosplay or is trying to learn a more complex costume design, you might want to give your friend a tutorial book. This way, you can help your friends to enhance their skills and learn the ropes of creating amazing designs.

It might also include some specific character designs, which they might have been eyeing for a long time. In doing so, they’ll know exactly what to do and how to achieve the look they’re going for.

9 – Wigs

Most costumes would require a wig as it helps set the character’s tone. Unfortunately, not everyone can use their natural hair as most characters use loud and bright colours like white and neon. To help your cosplayer friend achieve their character’s authentic and complete look, you should give them a high-quality wig of their desired character.

You can ask them who they’re trying to imitate next and look for their corresponding wig. Ensure that you become specific as cosplayers are meticulous with every detail as they aim to be as realistic and copycat as possible.


Looking for the perfect gift for your cosplayer friend might be a bit challenging, especially since you need to be specific. But with the number of things you can choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect one and can help them improve their cosplaying game. With a bit more effort, you’ll find the perfect gift that’ll show your support and appreciation for what they love to do. 

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