3 ways to earn crypto without mining

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Cryptocurrency is here to stay – it’s probably one of the biggest technological shakeups of the financial world ever. It’s hard to think about anything else that has so significantly impacted the future of finance. You can buy into your crypto of choice whenever you like through services like Coinbase.

But what if you’re not looking to invest? What if you’re looking to earn? Is there a way to do that passively?

Well, yes, but the truth is the most conventional method is going to be out of reach for many people. “Mining” is the practice of using high-spec computers to solve the equations necessary to “create” cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The truth is though, most people just won’t have the hardware they need to make any significant profits. This is kind of what a profitable Bitcoin mining operation looks like.

Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency sitting on a laptop, these currencies usually offer faster payout speeds from certain places compared to traditional retailers

So unless you’re positioned already in the hardware industry (or have a lot of money squirrelled away) – the chances of you making a decent go of it as a miner these days are much smaller! Luckily, all hope isn’t lost. If you’re not scared of Crypto like Australia, and you’d like to dabble in crypto without investing any cash upfront, there are ways!

All of the methods listed below are accessible for complete beginners to crypto. You don’t need to do a bunch of research beforehand. I would heavily recommend that you spend a little bit of time reading up on it if you’re completely fresh to this though because there are a few things you should know with regards to crypto for beginners. There’s very little point in earning if you don’t know what you can do with it!

You will need to have a crypto wallet already established to use these methods!

Play Bling! Games

Bling! Games allow you to earn Bitcoin just by playing games on your phone. These games range in content and quality, to be entirely honest – but there are always worse ways to get paid. Trust me, I know. By playing Bling’s games, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Will playing these games make you a millionaire? Not unless the price of BTC rockets up. But if you enjoy playing games like Sudoku and solitaire and wouldn’t mind earning a bit of BTC at the same time, it makes sense. You can play anywhere as long as you have an internet connection! You don’t have to win – just play!

Bling! Bitcoin Pop mobile game to earn crypto

It says upfront on the Bling! Games website that the amounts you earn from playing are very small. But with cash outs potentially available every fifteen minutes, it could well all add up in the end. No expensive hardware, no financial investment – just a bit of fun for potential financial gains.

Surveys for Coinbase

Coinbase offers a survey program designed to educate and inform you about different cryptocurrencies. There’s a bit of extra incentive too, though – they reward you with a little bit of the currencies you learn about to use yourself!

Again, this isn’t going to make you one of those Bitcoin millionaires unless there’s a very drastic price increase. But it’s something for nothing, at the end of the day – and it doesn’t hurt to learn a little more about these currencies which are currently reshaping the financial world.

This paired with Bling games can net you a few pennies to play around with without having any actual capital at risk.

Earn interest on your free crypto!

Earning interest on crypto can be done fairly simply. There are lots of services like aqru.io for example which offer extremely simple ways to invest and manage your funds. This can all be done from an app, with very little work done yourself. Whether or not you can earn enough crypto from Bling and Coinbase surveys is a matter of time and willpower, but you can learn plenty about the process of earning and investing crypto for absolutely nothing!

By earning some free BTC and investing with services like aqru.io you can get a really solid understanding of the financial potential of cryptocurrency. From there you can decide if investing traditional capital into the currency is the right move for you!

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