3 online game genres growing in popularity

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The online gaming community is thriving. More and more players are signing up for games across multiple platforms. As new devices launch and the technology improves further, this is only set to increase. It’s not just thanks to the hardware, but also the type of games available. In this article, we will go over three different online game genres that are growing in popularity and the reason why these online game genres are popular.

Three online game genres growing in popularity


This first online game genre may seem cheesy because they’ve always been popular, but it is worth talking about all the same. MMORPGs are easily one of the most popular game genres out there, and there are many of them. MMORPG stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. They have very dedicated fans who dedicate hours of their days to playing each day.

Some games stand out on their own by name alone, such as World of Warcraft, and new MMORPGs are always coming out, looking to take the crown. For example, Amazon recently gave it a go with New World, which they hope to expand upon over the next few years.

Due to the number of new MMORPGs that come out, this is a genre of games that is likely to increase in popularity. It’s also worth pointing out that pre-existing MMORPGs constantly update content and launch new end-game stuff to keep the player base happy.

New World MMORPG Artwork

Online Casino Games

One different online game genre that has grown in popularity over the last few years comes in the form of online casinos. Online casino games are popular due to the fact they allow groups of people to engage in classic casino games from the comforts of their own homes. Strangely enough, some physical casinos will even have online casino games for you to play on the physical premises.

Online casino games are also popular as they can be played from mobile phones and computers. This flexibility in gaming is something that appeals to gamers, as it gives them more ways to play in the way that suits them.

As we touched upon, you can socialise with friends as you play online casino games too. You can play in a live casino with real dealers at Jackpot Casino, which also offers a range of slot games. You can browse popular games and sign up for a welcome bonus and free spins, which is a great way to find out what they’re all about.


FPS games are arguably some of the most popular online games out there. First-person shooters can vary in their own mini genres. You will have traditional team vs team with their own setups in Call of Duty, and you will have economy-based shooters such as CS:GO, where you build up in-game funds during rounds to purchase weapons.

CS:GO online gameplay

Shooter games are great fun in the online world, as they give gamers a chance to play quick games that are high in adrenaline. They are also a great game for a group of friends, as teams are usually broken down into groups of 4/5, making it a more intimate affair.

You can also use private servers for your own custom games, too. Due to their competitive nature, FPS games are used in many eSport tournaments. There are servers available for competitive games that can be used privately by casual gamers or competitive ones. These private servers are usually strong with the internet, preventing disruptions.

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