How World of Warcraft Can be an Inspiration for Social Media Success

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Some video games offer more than entertainment value. You can take a lot of inspiration from games for the other mediums. Today, we are going to present how World of Warcraft can inspire social media success. Undoubtedly, World of Warcraft is one of the most popular multiplayer online games. Let us examine the similarities of this game with social media and how social media users can learn from this massively fantastic video game. Haven’t played World of Warcraft yet? You can check out cheap WoW accounts to get your journey started.

Consistent Dedication

In World of Warcraft, you have repeatable daily quests. You play these quests by killing a creature, talk to someone, retrieving an item, or any other objective.

If we talk about social media platforms, you need to perform your daily quests in there too. You are adding new friends, frequent logins, and posting status updates. If you miss out on daily stuff on social media, no damage done. However, a longer absence reduces your reach. A similar case is with WOW. You can miss your daily quests but cannot afford much negligence. Both in WOW and Social Media success, you need consistent dedication.

Effective Communication Strategy

WOW comprises of massive dungeons. The levels contain highly challenging tasks, so you need like-minded players worldwide to take on those challenges and complete the levels. This thing requires strategy, communication, and coordination. The raid dungeon requires 40 players.

The social media world is also more complex. You have tons of information flooding on your social webpage, and you need an excellent strategy to communicate about yourself that what you are and what your thoughts are. You need a like-minded group of friends. Otherwise, no one will be going to engage with your content. People will not even comment or like your posts.

World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic Dungeons

Strategy Development

An eye on your objectives and strategy development is critical to be successful in World of Warcraft. You can not shoot in the dark and wander around. You need to set your goals to form a strategy that foster other like-minded players.

In social media, a company without clear goals and social media strategy won’t win its target audience’s hearts. Social media page purpose is community generation and engagement, and without objective and strategy, it’s not possible.

Good Networking

World of Warcraft revolves around guild based system. You have to build solid networking to progress well into the game. The same goes for social media success, and you have to form the right network that connects with your ideology. Social media is also all about networking.

Strong Team Formation

WOW is all about solid team formation. A more substantial pool of players helps you when you require healing or need a new piece of armour. Similarly, for your success on social media, you need to look for new communication lines, find new friends, and interact with different people to learn and get exposure.


WOW is a unique game that teaches you networking, communication lines, team building, and strategy formulation. If one is willing to learn, he/she can learn a lot from this game besides having loads of gaming fun.

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