What to get a gamer for Christmas? 4 tips to help you decide

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday season is coming all the way through within a span of several weeks. It can be a great time as a gamer to get some bargains, but it can also be stressful. So, it’s either time to start preparing for the big year’s celebrations step by step and wisely or tighten one’s belt for the last day of shopping. Although, let’s admit that the so-called last-day shopping is stressful and barely benefits you as a giver. 

One of the ways you could avoid shopping stress is by opting for the first method – by taking your time. Step-by-step shopping doesn’t require as much time as you think. Have some extra 5 minutes to spare today? Surf online, start your gift list, and see what you can get there. Visit digital marketplaces like Eneba if you have gamers in your closer environment, and you’ll see that digital opportunities are probably cheaper.

Why is buying digital goods the new black?

Buying digital goods doesn’t always mean buying bitcoins or NFTs. No, that era passed some time ago. Here we focus on such options as vouchers, allowing us to extend the pleasure of receiving a gift card since it is the receiver that makes real use of it and can enjoy it afterwards. Going wrong with a voucher can hardly ever go bad, except for the situations when you pick the wrong one. 

Moreover, digital products are sustainable, you don’t have to worry about waste since such products are digitally generated. You buy one – and it’s with you forever. No need to adjust your time schedules to pick up the package from the courier, nor you’ll find better offers in physical stores. Therefore, it’s simply practical. Even if you’re in a rush, you can still get a voucher on the last day!

How to pick a voucher for a gamer?

Before picking a gift card, check out the interests of your intended gift receiver. If you know that he or she only games on Xbox, don’t, God forbid, buy them a Steam voucher. Yup, Steam vouchers also can buy diverse titles and certain services, but it is used for PC gaming. And, perhaps a Steam voucher is THE solution if you only see your relative gaming exclusively on his or her laptop. 

Briefly, buying gift cards can be tricky, and knowing the preferences and certain details about your gamer friend or relative’s habits is rule number 1. Rule number 2 is meant for you as a gift giver. Set your price limits. There are plenty of vouchers, but their prices can range from a couple to hundreds of pounds. That makes a difference to you. So feel free not to be financially hard on yourself.

PlayStation 5 is an ideal gift for gamers this Christmas

Don’t forget yourself

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits. You don’t need to have an occasion to purchase a voucher. Sometimes it happens that we want the same things that we’re planning to give. And you know what? Buying a gift for oneself is likewise important. If you’re a gamer and own a gaming console, immerse yourself in the world of Steam, PS, and Xbox vouchers.

Nevertheless, if you don’t fancy gaming as such, gaming marketplaces usually have a backup plan for newcomers and non-gamers. Perhaps you don’t identify as a gamer, but you do weekly language or fitness training from different Google Store apps. You may not game, but there’s a high chance you’ll listen to music on Spotify or iTunes. Amazon, Google Store, and iTunes are just a few examples of what is entailed in the gift card assortment. 

Feel free to share!

As some say, sharing is caring. There are certain ways you could enjoy the benefits of your gifts altogether. Although there are rumours that Xbox’s also working on its family plan services, the real game changer is, in fact, Nintendo! The family plan of Nintendo Switch Online membership provides up to 8 people with different accounts. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, but the most exciting of them all is the fact that by maximising the plan, you’ll save four times more than usual. 

As you can see, there are ways you can deal with the Christmas gift-shopping stress. Vouchers can deal with it in a matter of seconds. More importantly, don’t forget to spoil yourself or offer moments that you can share together with your friends or family members. And even though gifts are nice, the effort is much more valuable in this.

Gamer Couple with PlayStation controllers

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