The video games you can gamble in

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Video games are a great place to live out experiences unavailable to us in real life. We can traverse the universe, fight monsters, or drive our cars off of ramps on the top of skyscrapers without consequence. There is no limit. So why not use video games to enjoy the thrill of gambling too? There are plenty to choose from. Take a look at our choices for the best chances to gamble in a video game. And we’re not talking about choice gameplay either.

Fallout New Vegas

No game with “Vegas” in the title could exist without involving gambling, and, as you’d expect from the fullest and most complete game of the series, you have a variety of games to help you spend those bottle caps.

In the downbeat, downtown Atomic Wrangler, the fiery and seductive Gomorrah, the slick Tops Casino, the underground vault Sierra Madre, and the posh but cannibalistic Ultra-Luxe, all sorts of games are on offer if you want to gamble. Each one comes with blackjack, roulette and slots, where you can spend the different currencies the factions give you and get it back in bottle caps.  

When you’re not in New Vegas and are busy roaming the Wasteland, getting to know new people. One of the best ways of doing so is with the Wasteland’s in-world card game: Caravan. There are some who say they understand the rules, but they are wise beyond comprehension, and it is customary to give up after a couple of rounds and shoot your opponent in the head. But you can win some money if you get it.

Blackjack in Sci-fi game Fallout New Vegas

Red Dead Redemption

Fancy a gamble with some cowboys? Playing poker in Red Dead Redemption has become as much a part of the experience as playing RDR in general. Throughout the game, you can join tables of players in any rootin’ tootin’ saloon to make money. In fact, it’s the most reliable method of making money.

The Rockstar-made, open-world Wild West adventure even has a high stakes game where cheating is not an option, as apparently, it is elsewhere, but we don’t know that right?

It seems Marston has a contraption in his suit to help him grab a random card from the deck, but he has to avoid the eyes of the players at the table, creating a mini-game within a mini-game.

If you take the gamble and lose, and he’s caught, an old-fashioned duel will commence. The real world isn’t big on Mexican standoffs, but if you feel like practising, this is a good place to start. You can then take your skills to the GGPoker website and maybe head to the WSOP and play against the ‘high rollers’ of the pro network.

Red Dead Redemption 2 having a gamble on Blackjack


Being able to gamble has been a staple throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, and what do you expect from a game that is about doing what you wish with no consequences? In a world of thieving and money, spending that money gambling would be the obvious choice.

But the reason GTA V has precedence over the likes of San Andreas and Vice City is that GTA V has taken the extra step to open a virtual casino within the world of Los Santos. After years of staring at an “opening soon” sign on the side of the road, the Diamond Casino and Resort finally opened its doors on July 23rd. The casino offers many games to gamble on, from roulette to blackjack, three card poker and slot machines themed around aspects of the GTA world.

There is even virtual horse racing to keep you coming back if you prefer to gamble on sports instead. But, if you’re not so into gambling, there are also a lot of perks to the virtual casino, including valet parking for your vehicle, aircraft concierge for your helicopter, a limo service, access to a VIP lounge and the luxurious penthouse. The future of gaming is set to be pretty exciting.

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