Card games: Our top 6 free-to-play online (Updated 2023)

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Before the world of computers, people would gather around a table and play card games with friends, family and even by themselves. They’re a great way of keeping the mind working with many games involving mental arithmetic and they’re great for socialising too.

Many of us still do play card games from time to time, whether that be classics such as Gin Rummy, Texas Hold’Em or even Pairs. But when computers came along, people began playing card games digitally instead. It all really started when those using Windows OS were treated to games such as Solitaire alongside Minesweeper and Pinball, and soon, the internet would take over and take card games to a whole new audience.

Card games are still great fun to play today and are great for passing the time, with some taking just a few minutes to play a quick round or two. You can find many popular ones online nowadays, and so we thought we’d share with you our top five card games that we play on the regular when we’re bored or just looking to procrastinate instead of checking things off our to-do list.

Our top 6 card games

Golf (Solitaire)

Available to play at which offers more than just card games, Golf is a type of Solitaire game in which there are two versions to play, easy and hard. The aim of the game is to clear all the cards in the grid but you can only do this by creating a run of cards starting with the card in the bottom right. So if you have a three, you could select two or four, and you can keep going on that run until you have no moves left which are when you turn over the next card in your hand.

The difference between the two modes is that in easy mode, an ace can be used with both a two and a king, so you could go on a run of two, ace, king, queen, king, ace, two if the cards are there to complete such a run. In hard mode, the ace is only a low card and therefore can only be used with the two. This makes it harder to clear cards with both the ace and the king only able to be played one way.

Still, it’s an incredibly addictive game that is easy to pick up and won’t take up much time to play a few rounds if you have a little time to kill.

Golf Solitaire played at

Crazy Eights

You may remember this as one of your favourite card games from your childhood, and there is a free-to-play online version on in which you can play Crazy Eights against three AI opponents. The aim is to get rid of all your cards before your opponents by placing down cards in the middle of the same suit or a matching value. If you have an eight though, this can be placed down at any time as a wild card and can also change the suit to cause your opponent issues. If you’re unable to place a card, then you’ll need to pick up another to add to your hand from the pile in the middle.

The game consists of four rounds, in which each player takes it in turn going first. The better you do, the more points you’ll rack up in each round, and the aim is to have the most points at the end of all four rounds. It’s not quite the same as playing with friends in person, but it’s a great little card game that helps to pass the time and that you can still play alone.

Crazy Eights one of a number of card games available at

Cards Keeper

A slightly different one in terms of card games up next, Armor Games’ Cards Keeper, a title available to play online or download on your Android or iOS devices. Rather than being a traditional card game, it’s a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which you are a hero, represented by a card with stats and abilities. You must select cards next to you to make your way through the dungeons, collecting gold to level up your hero, armour and health to keep surviving, and battling fierce enemies.

Whilst a game may not last long, this isn’t a game to just play as and when, although you can, it’s a game where the more you play the further you can progress, unlocking new heroes and abilities and locations to explore. As well as coming up against bigger and tougher enemies. It’s a great little game to keep on your phone as well as it can really help kill the boredom on long journeys and when you’re waiting for your friends to show up at the local pub.

Cards Keeper by Armor Games


Want a blend of strategy, anticipation, and a hint of luck in your card games? Look no further than Spades. With the option to play Spades online for free, it’s no wonder this card game has gained a massive following both offline and online.

Spades is a captivating card game meant for four players, though a two-player variant exists. Players can either compete individually or team up with the person across from them. The essence of the game? Rake in as many points as possible, with the highest scorer claiming victory.

Spades is not just about the cards in your hand but the strategy in your mind. The journey to 500 points is filled with twists, turns, and tantalizing decisions. Whether you’re playing in person or choosing to play Spades online for free, every game promises a blend of tension, excitement, and unmatched satisfaction.

Spades card game

Pyramid (Solitaire)

Yes, we’ve got another solitaire game, because they’re so addictive to play but this time in the form of Pyramid. The idea is similar to Golf, in that you must clear all the cards in the pyramid using the cards that already exist or the ones in your hand. To clear them up in this game you must add two cards together that equal the value of thirteen, so ten and three, nine and four, eight and five and so on.

When it comes to picture cards, the Jack is worth 11 so you’ll need a two to match it with, and the Queen is worth 12 so you’ll need an Ace which counts as a one. The King can be clicked on straight away and will disappear.

Once you have worked through your hand, you’ll have a limited number of times you can turn the pile over to see if you can create any more pairs. If not, it’s game over. It’s a really tough one to complete sometimes, and the more you lose, the more you keep playing determined to get a win. It really is great fun to play.

Pyramid Solitaire one of a number of card games available at

Card Toss

Remember that funny joke where someone would ask if you wanted to play card games, then said “let’s play 52 cards pick up” before throwing a deck of cards on the floor for you to pick up? Well, Card Toss by Addicting Games is similar to that, except you don’t have to pick cards up, you just have to throw them and get them into a hat. Adjust your power, check which way the wind is blowing and let those cards fly.

The aim is to get the number of cards required into the hat, which moves with each successful shot before the allotted time runs out. If you manage it, a new level will start with more shots to make and the hat moving to even more difficult positions. It is a great game that requires little to no focus to play and is different from your typical card games. The ability to just jump in and out of it as well with no long-term commitments makes it perfect for our list.

Card Toss by Addicting Games

And there we have it folks, five of our top card games that are free-to-play online at any time on both your desktop PC or your mobile phones. Card games really are great for passing the time so make sure to check some of these out and let us know what you think in the comments below, if there are some card games we’re missing, then let us know so we can check them out. All the sites mentioned have other types of games available too by the way so whether you’re looking for hidden object games or puzzles, be sure to check out sites like to see if they have something to cure your boredom.

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