Super Mario 64 Probably Won’t Be the Last Million-Dollar Video Game

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Super Mario 64 was sold for $1,560,000 USD at an auction earlier this month. This was a staggering amount, almost twice as much as what a pristine copy of The Legend of Zelda cost. Industry experts opine that this could be the beginning of more great video game sales. If you enjoy games on Sky Vegas, these auctions could present an excellent avenue of hitting the “jackpot”, there is a generous welcome offer for new players and You should get ready to witness more million-dollar games very soon.

Collecting and Selling Stuff Is the New Trend

Collecting and selling physical and digital stuff for high prices is a popular trend right now. For example, Pokemon cards are extremely popular. On the other hand, NFTs have also become popular and have sold for millions of dollars. NFTs are a form of digital collectables, and many investors have been putting huge sums of money into digital assets like Cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, video games are also becoming increasingly popular. The pandemic also helped boost the industry as more people turned to video games. As a result, retro games are also becoming popular among collectors. 

About 12 months ago, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. became the most expensive video game when it was sold for 114,000 USD. Although the figure was massive at that time, it is less than a tenth of what Super Mario 64 was auctioned for. 

Some experts believe that the next game to be auctioned could break the million-dollar mark. But, on the other hand, Nerdy Girl Comics are upbeat that the industry has demonstrated that Mario is King and Zelda is the queen of video games. Do you agree? 

Other titles that could have great value include Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. This is because the title is very hard to get and the cultural cache. 

Super Mario 64 Sealed Auction

There Is a Low Supply of Sealed Video Games

If you get into collecting top-drawer games, you will discover that their supply is very low than other collectables in the market. As a result, the industry will keep seeing more record-breaking sales. Apparently, there is a limited supply of top-of-the-range, sealed vintage video games to meet the demand. 

Moreover, the price of the games will keep soaring because they are sold at public auction. That means that everyone can see the price of an eventual sale. Initially, all the sales happened behind closed doors, and only a few people knew about it. 

The High Prices Will Affect Video Game Preservation

These special sales will have a positive effect on video game preservation. Initially, a lot of people used to throw away a lot of stuff in the trash. But, these million-dollar sales will see the number of people throwing away video games reduce. 

Moreover, people will also start valuing the things they have as it could fetch them a fortune in the market. So, are you into collectables? Have you ever thought about collecting games? Better yet, do you have a sealed retro top-notch game in your collection? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you better follow this emerging market closely! 

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