Time paradox arena shooter Quantum League now available on Steam

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Nimble Giant Entertainment, today announced that their paradoxical arena shooter, Quantum League has left Early Access and is now available on Steam

Quantum League is a revolutionary time-paradox shooter: a competitive online FPS where players battle within a time loop, tactically teaming up with their past and future selves in mind-blowing 1v1 and 2v2 matches. The game’s unique time-looping mechanic brings innovation and strategic depth to the online shooter genre that encourages players to think ahead as they look to outsmart their opponents across a wide variety of maps in an attempt to gain the upper hand by changing the course of time. Quantum League is a radical departure from traditional multiplayer games and FPS Formulas as it looks to bring new ideas to the genre.

Quantum League combat screenshot

In the game, your teammates are you! As time loops, your previous versions of yourself will perform their previous actions again in a form of multiplayer self -cooperation. Information is also important, and loop after loop you will gain information about what happened before, utilizing this knowledge to change the timeline in order to score.

Add to the fact that death in Quantum League is not the end, you must record your potential future actions in an attempt to prevent your death in future loops. During this time, you are effectively desynced from the timeline and invisible to your opponent. You have to come up with strategies around this concept to out-think and assert your position in the arena.

During its Early Access phase, Nimble Giant’s innovative shooter has grown into a sophisticated product. Not only adding new content such as arenas, character outfits, and customization options but also refining its unique game experience thanks to player feedback. Improved weapon balance and feel combined with true ADS, new game modes such as domination, and even time-bending abilities unique to each playable character have all been integrated. Today’s launch on Steam also sees the introduction of a new map called Nordic that sees players compete in a snowy environment with multiple levels to encourage strategic gameplay and multi-level combat.

Quantum League – Full Release Trailer

We’re thrilled to be leaving Early Access and launching Quantum League on Steam for PC, the community has been a huge driving force in shaping this game into the shooter it has become. We set out to deliver a unique fast-paced shooter that was innovative but also brought new ideas for players to enjoy, today we achieved that and I couldn’t be happier.

Facundo Hermida, the game’s Lead Designer, and Director

Quantum League was first shown as an early prototype showcased in the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2018, the game has been celebrated by gamers and industry specialists for its unique game mechanics and has received several awards including best Latin American game at the BIG Festival.

To celebrate leaving Early Access, Nimble Giant Entertainment is introducing a 50% launch discount on Quantum League for PC, available for a whole week until April 22nd.

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