Professional headset for telephony from Sandberg

by Chris Camilleri
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“It would be silly not to follow up on our successes”, says Brand Director at Sandberg A/S, Anders Partida Petersen regarding why Sandberg introduces a high-end headset.

Sandberg achieved huge success with its “Bluetooth Office Headset Pro”, which arrived on the market last year. Back then it was a top product for consumers of professional telephony. But the “Bluetooth Office Headset Pro+” has now surpassed the top product and is even better in terms of design, features and voice quality.


The new and lighter “+” headset is stereo, has a busy indicator, noise reduction and a range up to 30 meters, as well as the option of connecting two devices at the same time, e.g. mobile phone and computer. It is charged in the holder, after which it can cope with a very long phone call of up to 20 hours before it needs to be recharged.

The new headset is already on its way to dealers and webshops.

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