Pre-Black Friday Sale: Fixture S1 Switch mount discounted to $24.99 through Cyber Monday; pre-orders open for the Fixture S1 Carrying Case!

by Chris Camilleri
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The Fixture S1 is now on sale for $24.99 – almost 30% off retail. Also, the much-requested S1 Carrying Case (which prevents the Switch and Pro Controller from being accidentally turned on while stashed away) is now available on Indiegogo for pre-orders 🙂

A single accessory mount that connects the Nintendo Switch with a Pro Controller for exceptionally ergonomic, precise play on the go, the Fixture S1 lets you take your games anywhere while enjoying the Pro Controller’s legendary precision and comfort. For added flexibility, the Fixture S1 can also be used in tabletop mode – easily transitioning into a super stable stand for solo or multiplayer gaming. 

The Fixture S1’s thoughtful design can be seen in features such as the patented two-axis, metal friction hinge – which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height and angle of the Switch screen and fold the entire unit down to an extremely compact size. You can also charge both the Switch and Pro Controller simultaneously during play. The mount’s snap-in design for the controller and slide-in design for the Switch ensure a rock-solid lock at all times: Simply slip the top of the Pro Controller into the mount and apply gentle pressure. Then slide in the Switch, adjust the height and angle of the screen to taste – and start playing!


When designing the Fixture S1 Case, the goal was to make the Pro Controller truly portable. That’s because it’s fairly obvious that the Pro Controller wasn’t initially designed to be portable.

If you touch any buttons, it turns on – and then the Switch subsequently wakes up as well! More often than not, the result is a drained battery. To avoid this outcome, the S1 Carrying Case includes a slot that fits the Switch perfectly – preventing any buttons from being accidentally hit. The design also includes nooks for the charging cable and game card slots. Finally, the case will ship with a nice, grippy carrying handle.


DESIGNED BY GAMERS – FOR GAMERS. Fixture S1 was created by gamers for gamers who love the Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller but want to be able to play on the go. This original, patented design connects the Nintendo Switch to the Pro Controller for comfortable, precise, portable play.

EASY TO USE. Fixture S1 is ready to use right out of the box. Simply snap in the Pro Controller, slide in your Switch, and start playing.

EASILY ADJUSTABLE. The Fixture S1’s patented two-axis design allows you to smoothly and easily adjust the angle and height of your Switch – providing stability and balance in any playing position. You can also make adjustments quickly with one hand – without any clunky knobs to unscrew!

COMPACT AND PORTABLE. In addition to maximizing adjustability, the metal friction hinges allow the Fixture S1 to fold down neatly. At just 7” x 4.4” x 4” folded flat, the Fixture S1 with attached Switch and Pro Controller is incredibly compact.

HANDHELD OR TABLETOP MODE. One accessory – multiple uses. Snap your Pro Controller into Fixture S1 for handheld play or use it as a stand in tabletop mode. The Fixture S1 can stand on any flat surface in tabletop mode – ensuring stability and allowing for multiplayer gaming anywhere.

CONVENIENT CHARGING. Don’t let a low battery or charging cords keep you from your game. With the Fixture S1, you can charge the Switch and Pro Controller at the same time, in both handheld and tabletop modes. Plus, the Fixture S1’s thoughtful design routes the power cords out the back.

SECURE AND STABLE. The Fixture S1 was specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and official Nintendo Pro Controller. The mount engages with the slide-in sides of the Switch, and snaps securely around the Pro Controller – holding both firmly in place even when upside down or shaken.

HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE. Produced with quality construction and materials, including the metal friction hinges, the Fixture S1 is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC PLAY. The Fixture S1 is designed to be exceptionally ergonomic – balancing the screen weight directly over your hands, reducing screen rotation, and minimizing strain on the wrists. Plus, the multi-axis design allows you to customize the screen height and angle for optimal comfort and gaming performance.

GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO JOYCONS. Comfort, precision, and longer battery life are several reasons gamers say they choose to play with Fixture S1 with the Switch and Pro Controller.

or a limited time, the Fixture S1 mount can be purchased on Amazon for only $24.99 – $10 off retail. On December 1, it will return to its original MSRP of $34.99.

Amazon (Fixture S1):

The Fixture S1 Carrying Case can now be pre-ordered from Indiegogo for $18 – 10% off for a limited time.

Indiegogo (S1 Carrying Case pre-orders):

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